Is Gray Zone Warfare Worth It?

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Gray Zone Warfare has taken the gaming world by storm since its emergence in the early months of 2024. For several months, it dominated the Most Wanted chart on Steam, sitting on the wish lists of hundreds of thousands of gamers worldwide. On April 30, it officially launched into Early Access, welcoming an eager audience to the multiplayer-based, realistic platformer. In this guide, we break down a key question to help you make that important choice: ‘Is Gray Zone Warfare Worth It?’

Should you buy Gray Zone Warfare?

Gray Zone Warfare fits nicely into the extraction shooter genre even though it has a lot to offer Just An extraction shooter game style. It’s a realistic tactical FPS with team-based elements and an option to play as a solo operator, and it features a vast, open world that’s deeply detailed and teeming with dangers lurking around every corner.

On April 30, Gray Zone Warfare was released exclusively on Steam and immediately skyrocketed the charts, briefly becoming the best-selling game on the platform. It hit a peak player count of 66,000 users, and many of those players are some of the biggest, most prolific streamers in the world, like Shroud, Dr. Lupo, Landmark, and Pestilly.

Since it’s an early access game, Gray Zone Warfare has some issues – mostly performance-related – but it’s a solid offering that won’t break the bank. There are different editions you can buy and the cheapest one is only $34.99. It’s half the price of the premium release and it offers an unlimited amount of potential for entertainment value. Over time, MADFINGER games implement new features, mechanics, missions, weapons and more. It’s a treasure trove of possibilities of a game, and even in its ‘alpha’ state, it’s remarkably well built.

When you enter the world of gray zone warfare, you’re presented with the one thing we all crave: freedom. You can choose a faction, gear up however you want, then head out into the vast, open world of Lamang to complete missions, fight enemies and other players, loot valuables, and then return to your base. They were shot in the street. There are intense combat mechanics, intricate healing elements, weight and inventory management features, and much more, all wrapped up in this early access game.

At just $34.99, Gray Zone Warfare is worth it. It’s a little rough around the edges, but you’re signing up with an early access game. If you get Gray Zone Warfare, you’ll be ready to follow the development of this game for years to come.

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