Is Monster Hunter Wilds PS5 exclusive? – Answered

June 5, 2024 by No Comments

There are many concerns regarding the upcoming release of Monster Hunter Wilds. After the game appeared in State of Play, Broadcast released the title on PS5, leaving people worried that it would be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. So, is Monster Hunter Wilds PS5 exclusive?

Is Monster Hunter Wilds exclusive to PlayStation 5?

Monster Hunter Wilds so you don’t have to worry Not a PS5-exclusive title. It is coming to multiple systems including PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

There were early rumblings of a Nintendo Switch release for the upcoming action-adventure game, but that’s highly unlikely.

When will Monster Hunter Wilds be released?

Monster Hunter Wilds currently doesn’t have an official release date, but we previously reported on claims that the game will be released in Q1 2025. A well-known leaker disputes such claims, meaning the next Monster Hunter game won’t happen until the summer or fall of 2025. However, we don’t know. There is no release window besides “2025” listed anywhere for the game.

What is Monster Hunter Wilds?

Monster Hunter Wilds, or Monster Hunter 6, features an entirely new game world to explore, new gameplay mechanics like mounts, and plenty of new equipment to unleash on the prehistoric wilds. For example, the previous gameplay trailer shows off flash bombs, a slinger, a light bowgun, and more.

Furthermore, the environment plays an important role in the overall gameplay of Monster Hunter Wilds. We see swirling sandstorms completely change the battlefield and give us an advantage or debuff in the fight against huge monsters.

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