Iso: New VALORANT Agent Revealed in Trailer

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Iso is the next Valiant agent to enter the game, and he’s coming from China. As Agent 24, Iso bursts into Riot Games’ competitive first-person shooter scene as a duelist with some amazing abilities. He’s an enigma – a mysterious assassin with unusual, death-dealing talents – and his background is unveiled in the three-minute-long trailer.

Read on to learn about Iso’s capabilities in VALORANT.

Iso is a new Valorant agent

According to Riot Games, Iso is a solid character, immensely strong and powerful and capable of destroying a team with surgical precision. His abilities are amazing on paper, but how do they translate in the game?

Here is his story trailer:

But what exactly are ISO’s capabilities?

E – Press twice

Like Reyna, Iso can harvest ‘orbs’ from fallen – or damaged – enemies, but these orbs can only spawn while his ‘focus timer’ is live. With these orbs, Iso can gain armor that absorbs one count of damage – from anything.

Q – Undercut

With this ability, Iso throws a bolt of energy that shatters through any solid surface – like Sovas Ult, but unlike Sovas Ult, it doesn’t. will kill Enemy – it makes them fragile.

C – Contingency

Convulsion allows Iso to generate a wall of ‘prismatic energy’ which can be used to block all incoming bullets for a limited time – when live, it is indestructible.

X – Kill Contract

Iso’s Ult is one of the most unique abilities we’ve seen. He can trigger a column of world-changing energy that instantly teleports him – and the first enemy the column hits – to an arena to fight in a 1v1 face-off. Only one agent can leave the arena alive.

Are you looking forward to unlocking Iso in VALORANT? He will have a gameplay trailer revealed by Riot Games tomorrow, October 20th.

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