Kingdom Hearts 4 Will Release in 2025, Insider Claims

April 28, 2024 by No Comments

Kingdom Hearts 4 is said to release in 2025. DanielRPK on Twitter, who published the claim via his Patreon platform – but the news quickly spread across social platforms. Since Square Enix revealed Kingdom Hearts 4 in 2022, everything has been relatively quiet, so if it’s to be released in 2025, the first major trailer for the game will drop soon.

Still cooking

Development on Kingdom Hearts 4 – billed as Kingdom Hearts IV – reportedly began in 2020, meaning Square Enix has been cooking on the project for some time. It sounds like a direct follow-up to 2019’s Kingdom Hearts 3 (stylized as Kingdom Hearts III), but that’s an educated guess.

There are some scrappy details about Kingdom Hearts 4, such as the report that the base plate for the ‘Last Master’ story arc is set in the Quadratum. There are many different game styles, with many worlds open for the player to explore. As the game unfolds Sora encounters Heartless and the character’s ‘daily life’ is explored in greater depth.

As someone who has never smelled a Kingdom Hearts game, that means nothing to me, but more power to those who can’t wait for this game to release.

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