LEGO and PlayStation are working on a new game called ‘LEGO Horizon Adventures’

May 16, 2024 by No Comments

LEGO and PlayStation are developing a new game titled ‘LEGO Horizon Adventures’.

Last week, Trademark Finder Kurakasu tweeted Sony and Lego are soon to announce a collaboration on a popular IP. At the time, the Curacas had the game out, but as is mandatory from insiders these days, I He tweeted vaguely The project is on the ‘horizon’.

Speaking to sources, it was said that the game will essentially be “Horizon Forbidden West but LEGO” and that the game will have “realistic graphics” – meaning a LEGO game.

While exact details about the game are unclear, I did get hold of an advertisement trailer for the game that was completed last month, which suggests an announcement is coming (though it may be delayed). But combining this information with curaxis’ Latest tweetThose who find most of their information through trademark filings indicate that the trademark was recently registered (brownie points to anyone who found it), backing up that an announcement may be coming soon.

Exact details on when the game will be announced are unclear, but recent rumors about a PlayStation Showcase in the coming weeks seem to fit nicely with what’s going on with the game (trademarks, ad trailers, etc.).

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