Lies Of P: All Phone Riddles (Locations and Answers)

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God phone Locations in Lies of P trigger rare events where you must solve a puzzle by the King of Puzzles, Arlachino. If you answer the phone riddle correctly, you will receive a Trinity keywho can access Holy Trinity Secretly hidden throughout your game. Fortunately, if you’re looking for these phones, they’re easy to find because they always ring loudly whenever they’re nearby.

Before you start: The Trinity Sanctums you get to after solving the phone puzzles mostly have costumes. And while some of them have decent items as well, I didn’t find any of those items to be particularly overkill after my 45 hours of playthrough.

A key takeaway

  • Phones in Lies of P offer exclusive events where players can answer riddles and obtain the Trinity Keys.
  • These Trinity Keys can access Trinity Sanctums, which include a vault and a prize inside each one.
  • there is 5 Telephone Puzzle Locations in Lies of P Found near the Courtyard of Karat Town Hall, Malum District, Great Exhibition Gallery, Karat Central Station, and a Scout Relic at the entrance to Trismegistus.
  • Similarly, the answers These puzzles have a person, a candle, an egg, an argo, and so on, respectively.

All phone locations in Lies Of P

Here’s a quick rundown on the phone puzzles in Lies of P, covering their location, answers, and the chapter they’re in:

Phone location Chapter Answer
Karat municipality yard 2 Human
Malmö County 5 candle
The Grand Exhibition Gallery 7 egg
Karat Central Station Street 9 That is
A relic of the entrance of Trismegistus 10 Yes

Karat Municipality Yard (Chapter 2)

The answer to the phone puzzle of the Karat municipality yard is “human”.

Karat Municipality Yard Phone (Photo: eXputer)

One of the earliest phone locations in Lies of P is right after a kill disbanded guards Boss in Chapter 2. After solving the puzzle, you’ll find the corresponding Trinity Sanctum near the giant vents beyond the Entrance of the Stargazer Workshop Association.

Holy Trinity 1 lies of p
Workshop Union’s Trinity Sanctum (screenshot: eXputer)

It is important: I would recommend running the Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer first as it is much closer to Trinity Sanctum and makes it easier to return.

This is how you reach the following phone number:

  1. From Karat’s Town Hall, continue straight ahead to reach the open area.
  2. Sprint across the abandoned neighborhood to get to no Narrow bridge, Then head right to open the metal gate, and you’ll find the first phone ahead.
Gesher lies of A
At the foot of the bridge (screenshot by eXputer)

Malmö County (Chapter 5)

The answer to the Malcolm County telephone puzzle is “candle”.

Phone Chapter 5 Lies of P.
County Mallum phone (screenshot taken by eXputer)

You will find the next phone puzzle in Malum district at the beginning Chapter 5 In Lies of P. The Trinity Sanctum for this trinity key can be found in Cathedral of St. Frangelico, where you have to climb the ladder near the falling rocks section near the cathedral chapel.

Holy Chapter 6. Lies of p.
Holy Trinity Chapel of the Cathedral (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

It is important: To avoid the rocks, you must stick to the right side of the platform, as I did. The journey to the Holy Trinity is already long and tiring, so it’s better not to waste any pulse cells.

You can reach the Mallum County phone number in Lies of P using the procedure below:

  1. With the activation of the Stargazer Malmö County, Run through the narrow streets towards the wine cellar, then go up the stairs and continue forward to reach an abandoned house.
Beit Malum district
The Abandoned House (Image credit: eXputer)
  1. Go down to the bottom floor and out into the open area, run north to the back of the area, and follow your path left Towards another abandoned house.
Abandoned house in the open (image source: eXputer)
  1. climb on wooden ladder behind, and you’ll notice the phone ringing to your left.

The Great Exhibition (Chapter 7)

The answer to the telephone riddle of the Great Exhibition Gallery is “Egg”.

The phone lies of episode 7
The Great Exhibition Phone (screenshot taken by eXputer)

Getting to this phone is quite simple, as you can reach it by following the linear path past Stargazer Grand Exhibition Gallery. Once you are on the balcony of the room with tram, you’ll see the phone ringing in the far left corner of the area. However, there are a few more steps needed for the Trinity Key.

  1. After you answer “egg” to the riddle, you will receive the Allusion to the king of riddles in Lies of P, which will direct you to the key.
  2. To get it, go down the stairs near the phone to get to the room with it 2 sculptures to your left
A magnificent exhibition
Room with statues (screenshot taken by eXputer)
  1. Now, interact and spin the right hand statue twiceAnd he is supposed to reveal a hidden yes that keeps the key to the Trinity.
The Secret Trinity Key (image taken by eXputer)

With the key in your possession, you can reach the corresponding Trinity Sanctum by teleporting to the Trinity Sanctum The stage of the Estella Opera House is watching the stars and drop the plank before the Puppet King boss fight.

Holy Chapter 6. Lies of p.
The Holy Trinity of the Estella Opera House (screenshot: eXputer)

Karat Central Station (Chapter 9)

The answer to the Karat Central Station telephone puzzle is “Argo”.

The phone lies of episode 9
Karat central station phone (image source: eXputer)

Moving on to the late game locations, you’ll find the fourth phone and its puzzle near the end of Chapter 9. Of Karat Central Station Street Stargazing, straight ahead, and as soon as you’re on the street in the open, you’ll notice the phone ringing on your left.

Fortunately, getting to the next Trinity Sanctuary is just as easy in Lies of P. You can reach it by teleporting to Karat Central Station Lobby Stargazing and advancing through the left door next to him.

Holy chapter 9
The Holy Trinity of Karat Central Station (photo by eXputer)

Relic of Trismegistus (Chapter 10)

The answer to the Tresmagisto relic phone puzzle is “yes”.

Phone Chapter 10 lies of p
A telephone in the relic of Trismegistus (Image credit: eXputer)

The last phone puzzle you can try in Lies of P is in Chapter 10, and its Trinity Temple is where you’ll find the king of puzzles, Arlecino. The Sanctum is located near Outer wall of Arche monastery A stargazer in chapter 11, and the fastest way I found to get to it is after going down the ladder near the aforementioned stargazer.

The Holy Trinity Chapter 11 Lies of p.
Arche Abbey Trinity Temple (Image Source: eXputer)

You can reach the last phone puzzle with the following steps:

  1. From the remains of the entrance to Trismegistus Stargazer, continue down the narrow path past the cave And follow your branching path left.
  2. Go through the arch, turn straight and continue up the path to find the last phone.

It is important: Arlechino serves as an information-heavy character, and I personally exhausted every bit of his dialogue to learn about Sophia, Argo, the alchemists, and his motivations.

my lesson

That concludes my short guide to all the phone puzzles in Lies of P, covering their answers and locations. As mentioned earlier, I personally loved finding and solving these puzzles, but the payoff at the end felt a little overwhelming.

However, the Cosmetics You get surprisingly good ones, so you should still try these challenges if you’re looking for new outfits. You can check it out YouTube video which shows all the cosmetics in the game so you can decide if they are worth the effort or not.

For more hidden bits of information, eXputer’s Guide Expert Rabia Rizwan Discusses the Dorothy mystery in Lies of P, mentioned in the post-credits scene. If you’re looking for something more combat oriented, you can check out my in-depth guide on the best amulets in Lies of P to make your battles easier. And be sure to check out the farming methods of the moonstone hidden by me Malik Alkhyar which you can use to upgrade your favorite weapon.

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