Lies of P: The Best Side Quests (Top 9)

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The side quests in Lies of P allow you to interact with the various NPCs present in the game world. You actually take on special missions for these NPCs, and completing them will not only give you rewards but also help you understand the story a bit more. All of these quests are completely optional, and you are not forced to do them as you play through Lies of P.

A key takeaway

  • Most of the Central areas in Lies of P will offer side quests, which can be started by talking to specific NPCs.
  • Side missions are totally optional, And you can complete the campaign without them.
  • Some side quests are simple errands, while others require you to defeat bosses.
  • Completing the side quests will do this a prize You have a lot of items, including some cool gestures.
  • I really enjoyed completing most of the side quests because they helped me learn more about the world of F.Lies.

It is important: Some side quests are missable if you forget to interact with NPCs before defeating the main boss of an area.

The best side quests in P’s Lies

Here is a list of all the best side quests in Lies of P, including the ones you need to complete for each quest:

Sidi Quest Purpose
the crying woman Find the crying woman’s missing baby.
Thomas’ request Use the faded whistle to remind Thomas of Murphy.
Adeline the actress Fulfilled Adelina’s request to taste a fruit.
Julian the gentleman Find Julian’s dead wife’s belongings.
Vangini’s journey Look for Vangini’s servant doll known as Pulcinella.
The old lady at the window Bring the old lady a bottle of La Bleiwies wine.
The broken doll Show the emotions of the broken doll through your gestures.
Sister Cecil’s mission Find the archbishop’s holy sign for Sister Cecile.
Bell’s request Find Belle’s long lost friend.

1. The weeping woman

The Crying Woman in P’s Lies (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

You’ll come across the crying woman while touring the house on Ellison Boulevard. The stargazer that is next to the NPC actually is Inside the house on Ellison Boulevard. She interacts with the player through a window, and you don’t actually get to see her. The woman tasks the player with finding her missing baby.

  1. You can find the broken baby doll at Karat Town Hall.
  2. Return it and give it to the woman to complete the quest.
  3. Be sure to lie to the woman that the doll is actually her baby.
  4. This will give you the following rewards:
    • Vivid Ergo Fragment x1
    • feel x1

2. The journey of Thomas

Side content
Toma In Lies of P (screenshot taken by eXputer)

Like the weeping woman, Toma can also be found near the house on Ellison Boulevard, and the closest observer to the stars is also Inside the house on Ellison Boulevard. Start a dialogue with Toma to receive her quest, which requires you to defeat a boss in Lies of P.

  • defeat the A loose guard Boss in order to complete Thomas’s journey.
  • After defeating this main boss, you’ll need to grab the faded whistle item from his arena.
  • Return to Toma and use the whistle by opening collectibles, which will complete the quest.
  • The whistle will remind Thomas of Murphy, who will complete the journey.
  • If you defeat the Scraped Watchman before accepting the quest, you will miss Toma’s request for this game.
  • Rewards include receiving a Radiant Argo Shard only.

3. Adeline the actress

P side missions lies
Adelina in P’s Lies (photo captured by us)

after arriving at On the stage of the Estella Opera House, to go up the stairs from the entrance to the stargazer. After you reach the second floor, keep moving forward, and you will come across Adeline, the actress in F.’s Lies. She makes a simple request to taste a fruit.

Side content
Polendina In Lies of P (image credit copyright: eXputer)
  1. You can purchase a A bright red apple From Polendina at the Karat Hotel.
  2. After doing this, give the fruits to Adelina.
  3. After that, you will have to defeat a main boss in the opera house known as the Puppet King.
  4. After defeating the boss, return to this place, and you can grab the magic peak from Adelina’s body.
  5. Be sure to give Adelina the fruit before defeating the Puppet King.

4. Julian the Gentleman

P side missions lies
Julian, The Gentleman in P’s Lies (Image taken by eXputer)

You can find Julian, the gentleman, nearby Rosa Isabel Street Bridge Stargazing, and he’ll ask you to get his dead wife’s belongings. He also tells you that his wife’s body is lying on Rosa Isabel street.

  1. Continue exploring the area until you enter a tunnel.
  2. Exit the tunnel from the path that takes you to the surface.
  3. Continue straight and cross a bridge to encounter the body of Julian’s wife.
  4. You can collect a wedding ring from the corpse and return it to Julian.
  5. Be sure to do so Lie to Julian while returning the item to receive the wedding ring and the sad tribute as a reward.

5. Vangini’s Quest

Side content
Vengini In Lies of P (Image taken by eXputer)

Talk to Vengini, who is nearby Vengini Works control room Stargazer, and you really can’t miss him here. Vangini actually tasks you with finding his servant doll. The doll known as Pulcinella can be found after defeating the main boss.

  1. Make your way to the furnace room of Vangini Works and defeat the Flame of the King, Poco Boss there.
  2. You’ll find Vangini’s doll in the arena after defeating the main boss.
  3. Tell Pulcinella’s whereabouts to Vengini, which can be found in the Vengini Works control room or Hotel Krat in Lies of P.
  4. The Fear Gesture is earned by completing this simple task for Vengini.

6. The old lady in the window

P side missions lies
The Old Lady in P’s Lies (screenshot taken by eXputer)

from the The entrance to Rosa Isabel Street Stargazing, continue forward and then turn left. Turn around the path to get on the other side of the stargazer. This will take you to a window where you can talk to the Old Lade NPC in Lies of P. The old lady will ask you to bring her a bottle of La Bleiwies wine.

  1. You can complete the quest only after you reach Lorenzini Arcade area in the Lies of P .
  2. Here you will come across a wine cellar that is not full of water.
  3. You can get the bottle of wine here and take it back to the old lady, who will give you a commemorative Vengini coin in return.
  4. You can exchange the following coin for the Half Moon Blade kit and upgrade by talking to Pulcinella, who can be found in the Karat Hotel.

7. The broken doll

P side missions lies
The Broken Doll in P’s Lies (screenshot taken by eXputer)

This is a very simple side quest that you can start by talking to the broken doll, which can be found nearby barren egg Stargazing. All you have to do to complete the journey is to show the doll some gestures that will make her learn about emotions.

  1. You can only clap your hands and make a sad gesture when you first talk to the broken doll.
  2. However, when you get the happy and angry gestures, be sure to go back and show them to the doll.
  3. Showing all four gestures will earn you Quartz in F’s Lies.

8. Sister Cecil’s mission

P side missions lies
Sister Cecile in P’s Lies (photo captured by us)

Make your way to The library of the Cathedral of St. Frangelico, where you will encounter Sister Cecil. Talk to the NPC, and she will ask you to find the Archbishop’s Holy Mark, which is an item that can be found in the cathedral.

P side missions lies
Alidoro In Lies of P (image credit copyright: eXputer)
  1. after we meet Elidoro In the cathedral, use the elevator next to it and go down.
  2. This will take you to the room with the item and a safe.
  3. Return the Archbishop’s Holy Mark to Sister Cecile and defeat the cathedral’s main boss.
  4. The boss fell Archbishop AndrewsAnd you must return to Sister Cecil after defeating her.
  5. This will reward you with a record of divine service and Cecil’s written confession letter.

9. Bell’s request

P side missions lies
Belle In Lies of P (Image taken by eXputer)

You can find Belle at The Grand Exhibition Gallery zone, and when you talk to her, she will ask you to defeat the main boss of the zone. Once you defeat the Champion Victor boss in Lies of P, Belle will be transported to the Karat Hotel, where you can continue her quest. here YouTube video to view the General Victor’s move and appropriate counters for each attack.

P side missions lies
Antonia in P’s Lies (photo captured by us)
  1. Before you can continue Belle’s quest, defeat another main boss, the The corrupt parade master.
  2. After that, talk to Antonia To learn about some secret path behind her portrait.
  3. Now go talk to Belle, who will ask you to locate her friend.
  4. To find her friend, go to Karat Central Station platform and look for a train car.
  5. Inside the train, you can talk to Belle’s friend, who is infected and gives you a letter.
  6. The following letter can be given to Bell; You’ll have to lie to her to get the Why record? as a reward for completing the journey.

My thoughts on side quests

As someone who has played all of From Software’s Souls games, including most Soulslikes from other studios, I can safely say that I really enjoyed the side quest system in Lies of P. The ambiguity of these quests really intrigued me. And I loved learning more about the characters and the world of P’s lies through these quests, which made them worth it for me.

Lies of P isn’t just another Souls clone, as it offers a distinct identity while creatively using a Souls-like formula. Not only is the title filled with a large variety of weapons, but you can take it a step further by introducing weapon combinations. You can even get special boss weapons, like the Doll Ripper, by defeating bosses.

This concludes my guide on the best side quests in Lies of P that you can encounter by talking to the various NPCs. I have included not only the starting location of each quest but also listed the rewards you get for completing the quest. I hope the guide was helpful in learning about side activities in Lies of P. Let me know what you think of Lies of P in the comments below!

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