Like a Dragon: The Yakuza Series was suddenly announced for Prime Video

June 4, 2024 by No Comments

Prime Video is shaping up to receive a live-action adaptation later this year, with the surprise announcement that the Like a Dragon: Yakuza series is coming to the platform in October. This revelation shocked fans around the world, and given the recent success of the series and Prime’s adaptations so far (I’m looking at you, Fallout), this revelation came out of nowhere.

sudden strike

RGG Studio shared an image promoting the Like a Dragon: Yakuza series on social media for the first time without any preamble. It was a regular drop that surprised the audience with RGG giving the date and platform October 24 on Prime Video.

It’s live-action adaptation stars Ryoma Takeuchi as Kazuma Kiryu, the iconic lead of the series and one of the coolest and most capable fighters in gaming. Known for his voice work and live-action roles in productions, Takeuchi hails from Japan and his career has thus far consisted almost entirely of a string of television shows.

Fans have received mixed reception on the casting, but most agree that they will wait to see Takeuchi as Kiryu before passing judgement.

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