Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Alcohol (Solved)

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alcohol is a unique element in Little Alchemy 2 as it is used in a variety of Recipes related to medicines in the game These are some of the rarest recipes you can get addicted to because they require very specific ingredients and combinations. As such, with alcohol, you can create these items quite easily and complete your own encyclopedia much faster.

A key takeaway

  • Creating alcohol in Little Alchemy 2 involves different steps, but the most optimal method involves:
    1. Mix earth with earth to make soil.
    2. Combine country with country to make a continent.
    3. Merge continents to create a planet.
    4. to stir Fire with the planet to create the sun.
    5. Combine the sun with water to create a rainbow.
    6. Mix a rainbow with plants to create flowers.
    7. Combine Water with flowers create fruit.
    8. combine the Sunshine with fruit make alcohol.
  • The element of alcohol in Little Alchemy 2 leads to the creation of diverse substances, including Dionysus, perfume, wine, beer and more.

Methods of making alcohol

All methods for making alcohol in Little Alchemy 2 (Image by eXputer)

All in all, there is 4 ways Go to if you want to create alcohol in Little Alchemy 2. Elements of these stages mainly consist of rare materials that are unlocked after several stages and combinations

The following ways of making alcohol include:

A combination of fruit and sunshine

A fruit-sun alcohol recipe
The fruit + sun recipe for making alcohol in Little Alchemy 2 (Image source: eXputer)

The following table discusses the recipe for how to make alcohol in Little Alchemy 2 with fruit and sun:

combination outcome
fire + fire energy
water + water puddle
Puddle + puddle Lake
pool + pool Lake
lake + lake sea
land + sea Ancient soup
Initial soup + energy Haim
Earth + life land
Earth + rain plant
Earth + Earth country
soil + soil mainland
continent + continent Planet
Fire + Planet sun
Sun + water Rainbow
plant + rainbow flower
Water + flower fruit
Fire + Planet sun
Sun + fruit alcohol

A combination of time and juice

Time juice for alcohol
The time + juice recipe for making alcohol (screenshot taken by eXputer)

The following table discusses the recipe for how to make alcohol in Little Alchemy 2 with time and juice:

combination outcome
water + soil mud
air + air pressure
Pressure + Earth stone
Stone + mud clay
water + water puddle
Puddle + puddle Lake
pool + pool Lake
lake + lake sea
Sea + Earth Ancient soup
fire + fire energy
Energy + initial soup Haim
Life + clay Human
stone + fire metal
Metal + Earth plow
Adam + plow agricultural
soil + plow field
field + farmer vegetables
Vegetable + water juice
Time + juice alcohol

Alcohol-based recipes

alcohol element
Alcohol in Little Alchemy 2 (Image source: eXputer)

Below, you’ll find a list of unique elements that can be created using alcohol, along with their combinations:

  • Alcohol + Deity = Dionysus
  • Alcohol + flower = perfume
  • Alcohol + container = bottle
  • Alcohol + fruit = wine
  • Alcohol + juice = wine
  • Alcohol + wheat = beer
  • Alcohol + rose = perfume
  • Alcohol + person = drunk
  • Alcohol + fire = fire + sugar
  • Alcohol + person = drunk

In conclusion, Little Alchemy 2 stands as a testimony to the fusion of education and entertainment. Through its unique gameplay mechanics, the game encourages players to delve into scientific concepts while igniting their problem-solving imaginations. As a versatile resource for introducing young minds to the wonders of science, Little Alchemy 2 fosters a sense of curiosity and inquiry.

As players experiment with different combinations to create alcohol, they engage in a process that reflects the complex nature of scientific research. The creation of the alcohol not only enriches the game but also serves as a reminder of the game’s ability to interweave virtual discovery with tangible knowledge. For more intriguing inventions, here’s how to make a doctor and also how to make cotton in Little Alchemy 2.

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