Lords Of The Fallen is getting two more patches over the weekend

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  • Lords of the Fallen is one of the freshest Soulslikes to come out in 2023, running just ahead of Lies of P – another highly promising Souls game – in terms of its global release.
  • The title launched to mixed reviews on multiple platforms, with many complaining about the performance issues players are experiencing on different systems.
  • In an effort to mitigate some of the ongoing technical shortcomings in Lords of the Fallen, the developers have rolled out multiple updates in a short period of time, the latest being v1.1.195.

Lords of the Fallen is a pretty promising game, with a lot of untapped potential. Aside from the things it gets right with the combat and the environment, the game poses problems for players on different platforms, especially PC. To make things easier, developer Hexworks is consistently rolling out new updates for Soulslike to ensure smooth playability for anyone trying to play.

With that, the Lords of the Fallen developers released two patches over the weekend, namely patch v.1.1.193 and v.1.1.195. God Official blog post of the first reads, “A new patch is available now, thanks to our passionate and dedicated team, fully committed to improving your gaming experience,” and follows things up with a comprehensive list of relevant patch notes.

Lord of the Fallen update v.1.1.193

A point worth noting here is that the DLSS Frame Generation feature has been pulled by the developers from the game in order to investigate the reported crash issue associated with it. This was announced in patch 1.1.191 for the header. Therefore, users, including those who did not complain of graphical or performance issues, could no longer enjoy increased frame rates in Lords of the Fallen.

Although the developers haven’t fixed the issue as a whole yet, they have incorporated a way for you to restart the generation of DLSS frames if your device is free from crashing or something similar. Simply put, go to the game’s “Properties” section on Steam to find the option to enable “Playback Options”. to enter “-DLSSFG” there and it should take care of the feature in question.

As for the next update, titled v.1.1.195, that update went out in the early hours of Monday, bringing a slew of community-oriented changes to the title, including fixes for certain quests, areas, and actions that previously led to crashes. For starters, here’s an overview of each Balance Changes made for Lords of the Fallen in the latest patch:

  • After noticing that resistance rings and status effect runes are often overlooked by players, we decided to give them all a noticeable boost to make them more competitive with other types and incorporate them into some builds.
  • Slightly increased the second hit damage for the front heavy One Handed Grand Swords to match it with its slightly slower animation
Lord of the Fallen update v.1.1.195
Lord of the Fallen update v.1.1.195

Furthermore, the patch v.1.1.191 for Lords of the Fallen while highlighting the main reasons for the crash also talked about some minor fixes that PC players can implement themselves to reduce sudden shutdowns. One of them is to have up-to-date graphics drivers on your PC – which is essential for games to run ideally.

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There is also a Performance troubleshooting guide From the developers side that will go into more detail about what you can try to make the title work better. In the meantime, note that cross-platform play has been disabled for users across the board, so you won’t be able to play with your friends on other systems for now.

Lords of the Fallen was released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on October 13, 2023. If you’re a new player just getting started with the game’s unforgiving world, we highly recommend checking out our guide to the best class in Lords of the Fallen, so you know each character’s strengths and weaknesses early on.

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