Lords Of The Fallen v1.1.207 fixes even more bugs and improves performance

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The main points of the story

  • Lords of the Fallen version 1.1.207 is live, addressing more bugs and improving overall performance.
  • Certain game textures and objects have been optimized to ensure efficient use of memory and VRAM.
  • Developers have stated that a fix for the Steam Deck crash issue is in the works. It will be released once their QA gives the green light.

Lords of the Fallen v1.1.207 It lives and handles additional bugs while improving game performance. According to Correction notesIn order to improve the functionality of the title, certain UI textures have been optimized for faster loading, which reduces VRAM practice. In addition, the books found on the shelves in Barmis Castle now lack collision and thus lowers memory usage.

Lords of the Fallen v1.1.207 patch notes

Moving on, a wide variety of to crash Factors and stability Problems solved as well. Fixed a crash that could occur when the soul-corrupted character is destroyed while the player hasn’t finished their pull animation. Furthermore, a very rare crash factor that caused your game to crash when continuously hitting walls has been ironed out with Lords of the Fallen v1.1.207.

Other problems such as d3d12 resource builder issue, AMD GPUs crash when using 32-bit wave operations, and a crash that can occur when GameThread Timeout after ironing 120 seconds. On the multiplayer side, a bug where the audio from the host could not be heard by the client in spectator mode after death has been fixed as of this update.

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Beyond that, a handful of fixes have been introduced to improve the gameplay, audio and mission departments of Lords of the Fallen. Sometimes, when using a lamp to cross certain platforms in Axiom, falling will trigger the falling animation twice. Patch v1.1.207 resolves this glitch.

Additionally, a new sound effect has been added to the game for when you press “Continue” in the main menu. Furthermore, a moth particle system has been added to one of the doors in a specific quest, giving an additional flair to its disappearance.

Lords of the Fallen v1.1.207 also implements some AI adjustments. Some enemies that could sometimes spawn in a T position at the bottom of the manse have been fixed. Apart from that, a trapper’s traps can now be destroyed using ranged options such as arrows, grenades, magic, etc. Finally, AI navigation has been improved on a small portion of the lower Calrath, allowing it to perform better in this complex environment.

Lord of the Fallen
Lord of the Fallen

Beyond these resolutions, the developers have identified an issue that causes the game to crash on Steam Deck. The team stated that they have a fix and once QA gives the green light, it will be implemented. A temporary workaround has been proposed, advising players to restart the game on their PC and rest easy. Furthermore, users are encouraged to ensure that their device is running “stable” versions of the operating system.

CI Games’ latest adventure was released on October 10, 2023, with a fairly positive reception from critics and users alike. Given the punishing nature of Soulslike games, understanding its systems and choosing the best starting classes for the game is extremely important. And to get the most out of your choice, knowing the best features for each class is a must.

Lords of the Fallen is available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. Read on to understand why this title is a Soulslike clone that isn’t completely terrible.

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