Make the most of Grams’ Meat Cook in Fallout 76

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After its rough launch, Fallout 76 has become one of the most entertaining experiences in gaming today. I’ve spent countless hundreds of hours in multiplayer characters enjoying Appalachia, and much of that is due to the regular events and community. Now, it’s time for Meat Week! Here’s how to use Gram’s Meat Cook in Fallout 76!

What is Grams Meat Cook in Fallout 76?

First of all, what is Grams Meat Cook? It is a seasonal public event often held as part of the Meat Week community event. In this seasonal event, players will participate in the Primal Cuts event, which takes place every 15 minutes in five regions of the map. If you participate, you’ll earn items and rewards for succeeding Grams’ Meat Cook, the second event of the season!

When does grammeat cook start?

As mentioned, you can participate in Primal Cuts every 15 minutes in three special zones across Appalachia. As for Grams’ meat cook, it starts on the hour, every hour.

You can find Grams’ Meat Cook south of Fallout 76 and northwest of Moonshiner’s Shack. It’s hard to miss as everything fires and glows.

What to do with Prime Meat in Fallout 76

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Prime meat is a key element of Meat Week. You accumulate as many as you can before bringing the whole lot to the Grams Meat Cook. There, during a secondary event, you’ll unlock the Legendary Script.

You want a legendary scrip because it allows you to buy legendary items and components from purveyor Murmurg.

How to get Prime Meat

To get Prime Meat in Fallout 76, you must participate in Primal Cuts. It appears on the map every 15 minutes in three different zones of the game world, so keep an eye out. After completing a community event, you’ll earn Prime Meat as a reward, which you’ll then bring to Grams’ Meat Cook.

Primal Cuts tasks players with banging a drum in the center of an arena to attract predators. You’ll fight waves of different creatures, each wave getting progressively bigger and more challenging. The final wave culminates in a boss fight, which is usually a legendary monster.

Upon completion, you’ll get Prime Meat!

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