Marvel Snap and pay to win.

October 11, 2023 by No Comments

Most games change the meta. Balance patches come and development and gameplay teams Marvel Snap Has been very active over the past few months with regular patches and OTA (“over the air”) balance updates. The problem is that these patches are clearly pushing a specific narrative. That is: pay us for a season pass. Galactus was almost oblivion after destroying an entire playstyle while Loki ran unchecked for a month and still wasn’t touched. Loki’s popularity was rarely seen before because, simply, he was so powerful. Reminds me of the dark days during the Silver Surfer era. However, it has recently been eclipsed by Elsa Bloodstone-based decks that will continue to run rampant for the next month. And as soon as a Sandman counter rears its head, decks shift into a Forge/Brood build that can flood both early and late-game power. Are Elsa and Loki in line to cure Galactus? No, they won’t even sniff a balance update for a while. Why? Because Elsa and Loki are cards you can buy with real money (so was Silver Surfer).

The remaining bit of Marvel Snap is a slot machine. New cards are mostly only available for in-game “tokens” on rotation in the store or in weekly spotlight rotations using premium upgrade “caches”. Only the cards you can buy in the Season Pass. And the only cards that are protected from balance updates are season pass cards until their sell-by dates have passed.

So if you want to compete at the highest level in Marvel Snap and not just touch decks through balance updates, those $10 per month are pretty much a must. It’s the same dirty shenanigan Hearthstone pulls by nerfing every meta card before the release of new content to force players to pay heavily to unlock new DLC in order to stay competitive. This is what ultimately led me away from Hearthstone to land on Marvel Snap. Maybe it’s time to move on again…

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