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This review is as spoiler-free as possible. I would strongly suggest waiting to read a review that might contain story spoilers.

I will say this about Earth-1048 – the Avengers are somewhat indifferent in this universe. Tony Stark and the gang are clearly present in the world of Spider-Man 2, as evidenced by the Avengers Tower standing smack dab in the middle of New York City, but for the duration of the game’s events, they’re clearly either off. are Chilling at the planetarium or barbecue, because they’re definitely not helping poor Peter Parker and Miles Morales through an extinction-level event. Things get pretty dire in New York City by the end of Spider-Man 2, and while our heroes manage to get through it (as they always do), it’s pretty clear they could use a hand.

To say Spider-Man 2 goes big is an understatement. The game starts off with a bang, with an awesome super villain fight to remind players of the controls. But after that, it settles down for a while, allowing players to reacquaint themselves with the world and its characters through a series of minor – but ever-growing – adventures. But one shouldn’t be lulled into complacency, nor should players fear that this Spider-Man game is just “more of the same.” It’s a game that builds itself up with several seemingly disconnected storylines, only to bring them all together in a dramatic and devastating climax.

By the time the credits roll on Spider-Man 2, the game has gifted players with everything they could ask for. Every moment I was hoping to see in this game was delivered with gusto, and there were many that caught me completely off-guard, leaving me reeling at the game’s audacity. The story was constantly taking unexpected turns – after all, this world of Spider-Man is new to us, so the creators can do whatever they want – and I found some of the narrative choices the game’s creators implemented. Was quite impressed.

What we end up with is an epic Spider-Man story that feels bigger and better than the classic games that have already existed, remixing the beats we’re all familiar with while continuing the characters and lore. Stay on base. The way the game goes from point A to point B is very, very clever.

It’s no secret that Venom appears in this game, and it’s always interesting to see how the different iterations of Spider-Man deal with the character’s origin story, given that most of these worlds I, Peter Parker is not taken away to pick up his new game. Suits in secret wars. Spider-Man 2 delivers Venom’s origin in a very fun and spontaneous way – don’t expect the toothy villain to appear immediately. There’s a narrative at work here, and it finds ways to move through the stages of this familiar story while still being surprising and engaging.

Of course, all of the story stuff in these Spider-Man games only works because of the strength of the writing and performances. It’s a very rare game indeed that sees me sitting through every cutscene and line of dialogue, without even trying to figure out which button will advance. But the characters in Spider-Man 2 are so compelling that the thought of disrespecting the game by leaving any of them out didn’t even cross my mind. It’s beyond Hollywood-level production value, packing in enough content for five or six great Spider-Man movies.

The Miles and Peter of Earth-1048 are two of the most likable and natural-looking iterations of these characters, to the point where you wish you knew them in real life. They are clean and dignified while being hilarious smart-asses at the same time. If anything, the gags and jokes in this game are better than the previous two, and I don’t recall ever hearing a clip of dialogue repeated during many of the game’s battles. Everything that is said is situationally appropriate and usually quite funny.

Joining Peter and Miles for a lot of adventure this time is Mary Jane Watson, who is much less happy. The character itself wasn’t bad in the first game, but I found parts where I had to walk around as MJ in the first game, to the point where I groaned out loud the first time the game loaded and in Spider-Man 2 I Put in his shoes. But I needn’t have been afraid. The MJ sections in Spider-Man 2 are much more funny and fun, giving the character more agency and making him a real team member (and one I had no doubts about). That said, someone needs to teach this woman how to use the brakes on a bike. Mary Jane should have some serious bumps in the road by the end of this game.

Spoiler: Mary Jane has an army of gnomes that follow her on her crusade to save the neighborhood of trees. The facts

A new member of the gang this time is Harry Osborn, Peter’s richest kid best friend from high school. I’ll be honest here, I’ve never understood why Pat would be friends with Harry, as the character always comes off as an entitled dick (James Franco, anyone?) but in Spider-Man 2, Harry is easy-going and Likeable, probably the best iteration of the character I’ve seen in any media. I kept waiting to hate Harry, especially since we all know the character is usually bad. But no, Harry seems like a really good dude, and a welcome addition to the game’s cast.

It’s to Spider-Man 2’s credit that the game took the time to give each member of its sprawling cast a moment to shine. While this is primarily Peter Parker’s arc, Miles and his gang of regulars are given plenty of time in the spotlight, and by the end of the game it’s pretty clear that without Miles, Peter would be a goner. Little (cool?) Spider-Man saves the day time and time again, elevating what could be a supporting role in something bigger. While Miles is still playing protégé, he’s a much more experienced equal in the game, and Peter knows it. The two are dynamic and heartwarming.

These two characters are capable of supporting an entire game by themselves, but it’s fun to pop back and forth between them, and even more fun to watch them interact. Some of the game’s best moments are when the player swings down with one of the Spider-Mans to stop some petty street crime, and the other just pops out of nowhere, elevating the fight into a spectacular slow-motion light show. Is. , while Mel and Peter compliment each other on the coolness of their moves. It’s great to see them being inspired by each other.

As with previous titles, there are many side activities that unlock during the game, all of which help make the world of Spider-Man 2 feel more authentic and alive. The Lost Man in Central Park, the game finds small moments to remind the player that this really is the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

The traversal system in Spider-Man 2 remains a technological marvel. With the base system carried over from the previous games, the game adds “web wings”, which allow Peter and Miles to fly short distances across the city, catch updrafts between skyscrapers, and wind tunnels. Gives. As always, zipping and zipping around New York is such a joy that I rarely thought to use the fast travel system (although it feels great when it loads you up). Is).

New York City gets a similar upgrade, with the base city looking much more detailed – adding some new districts to boot. Not being a New Yorker, I don’t know how much the city has been shrunk and changed to fit in a video game, but it sure feels authentic and cool. I especially enjoyed walking the streets as Miles and interacting with the public, who always had something to say.

The combat system in Spider-Man 2 will be instantly familiar to players of the first two games, but like the rest of the games, it goes to some interesting and unexpected places. Peter and Miles are already ridiculously powerful superheroes, but Spider-Man 2 finds cool ways to give them more upgrades that look great, are fun to use, and make sense within the scope of the narrative. have While some of the best things in the game require a bit of patience, don’t worry, it’s worth the wait. One particular improvement that I absolutely loved was the ability to throw web tightropes in open areas while still engaging in the game’s best stealth areas. I will make a huge web of ropes on all the roofs of the warehouse, from which many bad people will hang helplessly in my condition.

The choice to port Spider-Man 2 exclusively to the current generation of PlayStation was the right one. Visually, this game is a stunning feat of artistry, and I’m incredibly glad Sony didn’t choose to knee-jerk the game by releasing it on the PS4. Once you see it in action, you’ll see what I’m talking about. The effects of the poison are spectacular. I mean it when I say it – you can literally pause the game at any moment and create an awesome scene with the game’s photo mode. I never play with photo mode in games, but I was amazed at some of the cool things I could see when I entered the mode in Spider-Man 2. The goo flying in every frame of this game is simply stunning. The fact that the game is rendering all of these things in real-time is mind-blowing. This game finally shows what the PS5 is capable of.

I also want to take a moment to acknowledge the excellent ways in which Spider-Man 2 uses the dual-sense controller. At one point, I loaded up the game without remembering to turn on my system’s sound bar, and it became apparent how cool sounds and effects were coming from my controller that I only slightly understood. The trigger stuff is also amazing.

“Sorry, man, too busy painting the ceiling to help. – Johnny”

Spider-Man 2 is also one of the cleanest feeling AAA games I’ve played, especially considering I played most of the game before the pre-release big patch. They must have had hell with this thing, because the only bug I saw the entire time I was playing was a dude standing in mid-air on the street, rocking out to music in his headphones. was It was entertaining, and completely uncritical.

So yes, everything in Spider-Man 2 feels like an upgrade from the first games, while still feeling part of a cohesive whole. Remember how the first Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movie was so good, but then the second one fell flat, and everyone’s jaws dropped to the floor. It was the same cast in the same world, but it took everything to a whole new level. That’s how this game is. Spider-Man 2 takes what was already a 10 and cranks it up to a 12 or 13. Unfortunately, our scoring metrics don’t go that far. So, like Spider-Man, we will do our best under the circumstances.

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