Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Voice Actors and Lead Actors

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The voice actors of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are back to breathe life into one of my most anticipated games of the year. The full English voice cast for the game also includes new faces such as Graham Phillips as Peter Parker’s best friend, Harry Osborn, and of course, Tony Todd, who voices the vicious symbiotic creature Venom.

A key takeaway

  • The main voice cast of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is assembled 15 voice actors From Insomniac Games’ previous entries, both returning and new.
  • Peter Parker is introduced again by Yuri LuntelVeteran voice actor known for roles such as (Tin) Ben Tennyson.
  • Laura Bailey Also returns as MJ and has famous roles in video games, such as being the voice of Abby Anderson in The Last of Us Part 2.
  • Tony Todd He is the voice of Venom, which fans like me are excited about what he can deliver, originating from acting in the movies and voicing Darkseid in DC animation.

Spiderman 2 voice actors list

Below is a detailed list of the English voices behind each character in Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2:

voice actor character Famous roles
Yuri Luntel Peter Parker Ben 10 Alien Force, Persona 4, Mortal Kombat 1
Nadge Jeter Miles Morales The Last of Us Part 1 (Sam)
Tony Todd venom Candyman, The Rock, Darkseid (DC)
Laura Bailey Mary Jane Watson Persona 4, DragonBall Z, The Last Of Us Part 2
Graham Phillips Harry Osborne Riverdale, The Good Wife
Mark Rolston Norman Osborn Batman Arkham Knight, Young Justice, The Shawshank Redemption, Ahsoka
Jim Pirie Craven the Hunter God of War Ragnarok, Dead Space, Final Fantasy XV
Brian Bloom employer Marvel’s Midnight Sun, Yakuza Like Dragon, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
Erica Lindback black cat Persona 5, Hi-Fi Rush, Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Ike Amadi a wanderer Apex Legends, Mortal Kombat 11
Stephen Owing Martin Lee Remnant 2, Gohtam Knights, CSI: Vegas
Jacqueline Pinol Rio Morales Quantum Break, Bosch (TV series)
Darin de Paul J Jonah Jameson Overwatch 2, Final Fantasy XV, Doom Eternal, Destiny 2
Terra Plata Yuri Watanabe Fire symbol: three hopes
Griffin Pueto Janka Lee Street Fighter 6, Soul Hackers 2

Yuri Lowenthal – Peter Parker

Peter Parker played by Yuri Leventhal

Yuri Luntel He reprises his original role here as Peter Parker, aka our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. He is one of my favorite actors from notable past roles such as Yusuke from Persona 4 and the teenage Ben Tennyson from Ben 10 Alien Force. His last voice role is Smoke from Mortal Kombat 1.

Nadij Jeter – Miles Morales

Spiderman 2 voice actors
Nadij Jeter as Miles Morales

Nadge Jeter Also reprises his role from the previous entry for Miles Morales. He was also the lead actor in Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales from Insomniac Games, A spin-off title released in 2020. Nadij’s other prominent role in voice acting is drug From The Last Of Us Part 1.

Tony Todd – Ares

Spiderman actors
Tony Todd as Venom

Tony Todd Being cast as the voice actor of Venom has fans like myself excited for his role in the main story and the overall performance he will deliver as the malevolent symbiote. His acting roles include The movies of the 90s Like Candyman and The Rock. Tony’s notable voice role is Darkseid In the DC Comics animated film Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.

Laura Bailey – Mary Jane Watson

Spiderman 2 voice actors
Laura Bailey as MJ Watson

Laura Bailey Returning from the previous game to the voice Mary Jane (MJ) Watson Again, Peter’s romantic interest in Spider-Man 2. Laura Bailey is another well-known and veteran voice actress who has voiced several characters in entertainment media and video games. My favorite voice roles associated with her include Kojikawa leaf In Persona 4, Kid Trunks In DragonBall Z, and Abby Anderson In The Last of Us Part 2.

Graham Phillips – Harry Osborne

Graham Phillips
Graham Phillips plays Harry Osborne

Graham Phillips He is a new addition to the cast as he voices Harry Osborn, Peter Parker’s best friend, who fans have been eagerly waiting to see properly since the first game. Graham Phillips’ previous roles include acting Nick St. Clair in the TV series Riverdale And Zach Florrick in The Good Wife series.

Mark Rolston – Norman Osborn

Spiderman 2 Norman Osborn
Mark Rolston plays Norman Osborn

Mark Rolston Again voicing Norman Osborn, father of Harry Osborn and CEO of Oscorp. His familiar voice roles that I personally liked include death stroke In Batman Arkham Knight and Lex Luthor Rightly young. He has also acted in famous films such as The Shawshank Redemption and TV series such as Ahsoka.

Jim Pirie – Craven the Hunter

Jim Pirie
Jim Pirie plays Craven the Hunter

Jim Pirie Joins the voice of Spider-Man 2 as Kraven The Hunter, one of the actors secondary antagonists in the game His previous roles include prominent video game titles such as Bigger God of War Ragnarok, Captain Benjamin Matthews in the salt space, and Regis Lucis Callum In Final Fantasy XV.

Brian Bloom – Taskmaster

taskmaster spiderman 2
Brian Bloom as the Taskmaster

Brian Bloom Brings back Taskmaster for the sequel, a A minor antagonist From Marvel’s original Spider-Man. He is also known for voice acting Captain America In Marvel’s Midnight Sun, Joe Swashiro (Bear) In Yakuza Like A Dragon, and BJ Blazkowicz In Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Erika Lindback – Black Cat

Arcia Lindback
Erika Lindback voices the black cat

Erica Lindback Also reprising her role as Black Cat, AKA Felicia Hardy, in Spider-Man 2. She’s another one of my favorite voice actresses, known for prominent media roles such as Futaba Sakura In Persona 5, mint In Hi-Fi Rush, misty In Cyberpunk 2077, f Jesse In Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Ike Amadi – Prowler

Ike Amadi Prowler
Ike Amadi voices Prowler

Ike Amendi Returning from Marvel’s Spider-Man spin-off Miles Morales to voice Aaron Davis, aka the Prowler. Notable voice performances include Ser in Apex Legends and General Shao in Mortal Kombat 11.

Steven Oyong – Martin Lee

Martin Lee Spider-Man 2
Stephen Oyong plays Martin Lee

Like most villains from the previous game, Martin Lee, AKA Mister Negative, returns in Spider-Man 2, once again voiced by the talented Stephen Owing. His recent voice ventures include Wallace In the remainder 2 f Jason Todd In Gotham Knights. Steven also made many acting appearances, such as starring CSI: Vegas as Dr. Cho.

Jacqueline Pinol – Rio Morales

Jack Pinol Rio
Jacqueline Piñol plays Rio Morales

Jacqueline Pinol Voices Rio Morales, mother of Miles Morales, another recurring character from the previous two Spider-Man entries. She has a voice like Sophia America in Quantum Break and appeared in acting roles in Bush TV series as Detective Julie Espinosa.

Darin de Paul – J. Jonah Jameson

Darin de Paul
Darin DePaul voices J. Jonah Jameson

Darin de Paul Returning to voice J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man 2, he delivers his usual cynical commentary from New York’s Daily Bugle. Darrin is another veteran voice actor with notable performances such as Reinhardt In Overwatch 2, Ardyn In Final Fantasy XV, Samuel Hayden in Dom Eternal, and Emperor Kallos in Destiny 2.

Tara Platt – Yuri Watanabe

Spiderman 2 tera flt
Tara Platt as Yuri Watanabe

Terra Plata Also returns to her voice role as Yuri Watanabe in Spider-Man 2. Fun fact: Tara Platt is married to Yuri Leventhal, and they both have prominent roles in this game. Her notable voice-over roles include Adelgard In Fire Emblem: Three Hopes, most importantly, she is also announced to be voiced Elizabeth In Persona 3 Reloaded.

Griffin Pueto – Jenka Lee

Spiderman 2 voice actors
Griffin Pueto voices Jenka Lee

Janka Lee He is one of Miles Morales’ closest friends and is voiced by Griffin Pueto. He is known to have voiced in other games as well, such as Bush In Street Fighter 6 and Saizo In Soul Hackers 2.

My opinion on the voice actors of Spider-Man 2

As someone who has played the two previously released Marvel Spider-Man games and is looking forward to playing the sequel in a week or so, I am very excited that most of the original voice cast is back for Spider-Man 2. Yuri Levantel and Laura Bailey My favorite characters have been voiced in video games and other media, so it brings me pure joy to see them once again deliver a vocal performance as captivating as their characters.

That concludes my Spider-Man 2 voice actors guide. So, are you as excited as I am to play Spider-Man 2? Which edition of Spider-Man 2 are you looking forward to purchasing? Tell me all about it in the comments section below!

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