Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will receive 8 new suits and more in the next update

June 11, 2024 by No Comments

Insomniac has unveiled a brand new free content update for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 that brings new suits to the movies. 8 new suits will be introduced, some of which are based on new designs, while others return favorites from previous installments of the franchise. The update will be released on June 18, 2024 and along with the suits, we can also expect the developers to add some stability improvements to the game.

American artist and fashion designer, Colm Dillon has four new suits in collaboration with him. Kidsuper. The first is from the designer called the Metro Suit, which features unique and original colors as well as a puffer design inspired by his collection. Now Spidey can be taken out while protecting the citizens of New York.

The second suit was co-designed by Brazilian footballer Viny Jr. His suit is known as the Ginga suit and it shows the footballer’s love for his country. The suit features the colors and accents of the Brazilian flag, along with a sportier look for Miles Morales. Spider-Man looks set to win another Champions League trophy with the Zynga suit.

A third suit was co-designed by British-Belgian motorsport racer, Lando Norris, and his design was called the Fluoro Suit. The main inspiration behind his design was the “feeling of speed” and he wanted to give the suit a touch of racing, which is why the mask looks like a helmet. Only an F1 car is left to rule the streets of Manhattan

The fourth suit was co-designed by Reina Sawayama, a Japanese singer, actress and model. The Motorchik suit adds a leather jacket and trousers with metal detailing to Spider-Man. It brings out the inner motorbike rider in Spidey.

As for returning favorites, one that fans won’t miss is Peter Parker’s Spider-Man suit into the Spider-Verse movie. We have Peter Parker’s Last Stand suit. Thirdly, we get a slightly animated version of Miles Morales’ suit. Last but not least is Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Uptown Pride suit from Miles Morales.

The new suites come with an updated version 1.003.000 along with some stability fixes. Additionally, the developers have also addressed some player feedback and will now introduce “the ability to switch your parry and traversal abilities from Symbiote to Spider Arms and vice versa.” Additionally, you can watch the first and second trailers for the canceled multiplayer Spider-Man game, Spider-Man: The Great Web.

What do you think of the upcoming Marvel Spider-Man 2 suits? Let us know in the comments.

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