Max Caulfield returns in Life is Strange: Double Exposure

June 9, 2024 by No Comments

During the Xbox Games Showcase, Square Enix revealed a stunning trailer for Life is Strange: Double Exposure, officially announcing the return of Max Caulfield. As the protagonist in the original Life is Strange title, Max Caulfield was the first gifted character player to choose and take control of the ability to control time. From there, the Life is Strange franchise blossomed, and in this brand new adventure, Max is back.

Coming on October 29

Max Caulfield returns to investigate the murder of her best friend (does that ring a bell?) in Double Exposure, but there’s a huge twist. She now has the ability to tear open portals between worlds and in one, her friend is still alive and she has a chance to save her in a way. Max seems to have gained multiple abilities since her adventures in Arcadia Bay, but since Chloe Price is nowhere to be seen, it seems to have ‘decided’ the split ending that players experienced at the end of the first game.

Here is the trailer for Double Exposure:

It’s coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC on October 29 – it’s not confirmed whether it’ll be a one-shot title or episodic.

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