Medieval fantasy life continues to inspire the sim RPG Mirthwood.

May 1, 2024 by No Comments

It’s been almost a year since I first shared the good news. Mirthwood, a medieval fantasy life sim RPG launching this summer on PC. Today, developer Bad Ridge Games shared fresh gameplay footage and details just in time for Steam Farming Fest.

As a medieval farmer, you’ll grow crops, raise or buy livestock, and craft goods to trade in a nearby town. As you build and expand your home, three building methods will be at your disposal – traditional grid and snap construction, but also a freeform mode that allows you to create the form you really want. are Animals aren’t just for trading, as you can have pets that travel with you on your adventures and help in combat.

Speaking of combat, it’s entirely up to you if you want to engage with it. There are plenty of adventures outside the confines of your land, or you can choose to live a simple life on your farm with your chickens and corn. The world of Mirthwood is a fully realized simulation, meaning that NPCs live their own lives and react to your actions, as does the in-game economy. You can also build relationships with NPCs, go on quests, and investigate mysterious occurrences throughout the world.

Mirthwood continues to inspire me every time I see it. I know there’s only a PC version for now but seeing it in action gives me hope for a console version down the road – it even has radial menus. I trust you Bad Ridge Games.

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