Minecraft 1.21 Update – Everything You Need To Know

October 15, 2023 by No Comments

Mojang has officially revealed the Minecraft 1.21 update – here’s everything you need to know.

Minecraft 1.21 Trial Chambers

Minecraft 1.21 update introduced Trial Chambers – a brand new structure where players can find abundant copper and tuff blocks. The new trail chambers promise to be more difficult than the classic Minecraft dungeons, as these new chambers introduce a new enemy group called The Breeze in addition to the trail spawners.

The Breeze

Breeze is a new mob in the Minecraft 1.21 update that is somewhat similar to the Blze found in the Nether. However, Breeze mobs use air attacks instead of fire. The attack comes in the form of an air projectile that produces a small explosion with a knockback effect on impact.

Trail Spanners

Trail Spawners are the brand new Spawners introduced in Minecraft 1.21. New spawners are different and spawn continuously at regular intervals and spawn until a certain number of spawns are reached. What makes trail spawners more difficult is that they spawn a different number of mobs depending on how many players are nearby, so more players means more people.

Additionally, the trail spawners also distribute loot after all spawned mobs are defeated, which creates some interesting mob/loot fields.

Copper ingots

Copper bulbs found in trial chambers are the latest block found and craftable in Minecraft. Like other copper blocks, they oxidize over time, and the more these bulbs oxidize, the dimmer they become. Players can wax them like any other copper block, letting them stay in whatever brightness you prefer.

The Crafter

Crafter is a new feature coming to Minecraft that the modding community might be familiar with. While Mojang didn’t go into specifics on exactly how Crafter works, this new Redstone device lets you craft items automatically. Potentially a useful redstone block for crafter automation.


After another year of controversy, the armadillo won the 2023 mob vote, meaning the crab and penguin may not appear again.

The mob vote caused a lot of frustration in the Minecraft community and even led to the community creating a petition to change the mob vote. The The petition now has nearly 500,000 signatures.

Minecraft 1.12 update release date

Unfortunately, Mojang only gave us a vague Summer 2024 release date, but we know that Minecraft update 1.21 is likely to be released in June 2024, based on past updates.

What do you think of the update? Let us know in the comments below.

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