Modern Warfare 3 beta hacked by cheaters

October 9, 2023 by No Comments

It took about three days for the Modern Warfare 3 beta to be infiltrated by cheaters, but contrary to all expectations from the community, they appeared on PlayStation platforms and No PC. Reportedly, a string of users with ‘jailbroken’ PlayStation 4 consoles have found some way to circumvent any security protocols put in place for the beta, bringing Aimbot and Wallhack exploits into the game a month before it hit the market.

It didn’t take long

In a clip shared on Twitter by a user, ‘Dukes‘, we see a modern warfare 3 beta player unabashedly using what appears to be a combination of wallhack and aimbot cheat to eliminate players. However, it seems that PC is not the only problem when it comes to cheats in Call of Duty, as the beta is currently available exclusively for PlayStation players.

Over the past few years, the problem has been growing in the Call of Duty scene, and while Activision has increased resources in its anti-cheat teams, cheaters have proliferated with every single game released.

Fans are now set to hit the wave when Xbox and PC players join the beta later this week because there is concern that if PlayStation users find a way to cheat, malicious PC players will surely secure a way around any anti-cheat systems. are in beta.

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