Motive Studios is joining the Yudhbhumi franchise

April 9, 2024 by No Comments

Motive Studios has announced that the team will be joining the Battlefield franchise while developing its Iron Man game.

In the announcement, Patrick Klaus said, “In my last update, I talked about an important development about the studio; We’ve invested in developing our people in more ways than ever before, and we’ve improved our workspaces to help teams collaborate to their fullest potential and deliver the best game possible. That evolutionary period and height Today continues to be exciting Advertisement A group of developers from Motive are joining the talented teams at Criterion, Dice and Ripple Effect to continue unlocking Battlefield’s full potential.

“In parallel, development continues on our Iron Man project,” he continued.

The announcement follows a rough patch for the Battlefield franchise over the past two months, during which two creative directors (Marcus Lehto and Craig Morrison) left the franchise. Following Lehto’s departure, EA announced the closure of its studio Ridgeline Games as part of a mass layoff affecting 670 jobs.

After his departure, Lehto said, “I have nothing positive to say about EA, my recent departure and how many people including my team are suffering due to massive layoffs in the industry.

Insider Gaming reported earlier this year that the next Battlefield game will have a free-to-play battle royale experience tied to its main advantage, much like how the Call of Duty franchise handled its premium releases and Warzone.

It is understood that the current narrative of the next Battlefield game will see the NATO countries facing well-funded private militaries, rather than the typical USA vs Russia storyline of other series.

The next Battlefield game is slated to release in October/November 2025.

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