MTG can get Arena Commander format

April 25, 2024 by No Comments

Magic the Gathering Arena (MTG Arena) can finally get the popular Commander format in the app. There is a mod was teased during Hasbro’s Q1 earnings call April 24 by Hasbro CEO Chris Cox.

Cox was asked a question specifically about MTG Arena from an analyst looking for an update on the game. While noting that the game’s performance was “down a bit” in Q1, Cox said the company is continuing to “invest in the arena.”

He specifically talked about a “long-term” investment in the game, which will be announced in waves over the next “two years.” It was then that Cox specifically mentioned the Commander.

“(W)hen you look at Magic and where our growth has been, there’s been a lot of growth in a social-based game like Commander and in collecting,” he said. “So certainly, we will invest in those areas on the digital platform for the long term.”

While not confirming the mod’s inclusion in the game, Cox’s mention of the mod as part of the game’s investment seems to indicate that it’s in the plans.

For those who don’t know, Commander A format inside An MTG card game that sees players build decks of 100 cards (99 cards + 1 commander card) in a free match with four players. Instead of the standard 20 life, each player starts with 40 life.

MTG Arena was first launched in 2018 and is available for mobile and PC.

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