Multiverse Leaks Teases Possible New Characters & Stages

May 30, 2024 by No Comments

According to a variety of leaks from Twitter/X user @AusilMVMultiVersus plans to add multiple fan favorite characters, stages and more.

The following contains potential spoilers for the Multiverse. In fact, user @AusilMV has warned readers that their account has multiple strikes and may be removed soon. But many fans have already seen the following spoilers well.

After apparent datamining, @AusilMV claims that some of the upcoming characters include Daffy Duck, Samurai Jack and Aquaman. The latter two line up with Easter eggs in the latest trailer. Some fans spotted a trident and a katana around the WB Tower in the teaser.

@AusilMV also mentioned that some major stages are coming to the game, like the Cat Concerto Stage and the Candy Kingdom. The Cat Concerto is a reference to one of the most beloved Tom & Jerry episodes of all time.

Again, the recent trailer hinted at steps like the Teen Titans Tower, which @AusilMV seemed to have found as well. They also mention a water tower and a mousewheel.

At this point, the dev team hasn’t officially confirmed any of this and other leaks are actually coming to Multiverse.

MultiVersus relaunched on May 28th after a long hiatus introducing new content and features. Notably, the devs have confirmed that both Jason Voorhees and Agent Smith and The Matrix have joined the roster from Friday the 13th.

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