Nacon RIG 900 MAX Headset Review

October 12, 2023 by No Comments

Headsets are headsets. You put them on, you play the game, you take it off when you’re done. Don’t get me wrong, I know the difference between “cheap” and “normal” headsets. I don’t want something that breaks after a few sessions. I remember how cheap the original Xbox Live headset was. I went through three or four of these bad boys in my college days. Scary, cheap, annoying—that’s what I don’t want. I love having a good set, but I’ve never put more thought into the issue than, hey, I need a new headset. I would jump on a site that we buy everything from and grab one. I look at user reviews, but really, I’m looking for something that gets the job done and not much else. Before the NACON RIG 900 MAX HX entered my life, this was my old line of thinking, dark times.

I have never owned an expensive headset. I did not see the point. But the moment I put those bad boys on, I knew my life was going to be different going forward. The level of comfort alone shocked me. Although the RIG 900 MAX HX feels solid and heavy in my hands, it doesn’t feel heavy at all when placed on my head. I feel it on my head, but no pain. Even though I have one mic, one side doesn’t feel heavier than the other. Not once did I experience the ear pain that I would get with other headsets. There’s plenty of room for my big ears without feeling like they’re in the way.

Right out of the gate I was impressed. Setup was a breeze. It’s easy to put the headset to work using Bluetooth or a USB dongle. You can plug the USB dongle into your system, or plug the charging unit base into the system with the USB into the charging base. If you don’t want to go that route, you can use Bluetooth. Simple, and straightforward like most Bluetooth-enabled products. The mobile app also adds to the overall quality of the headset. A simple test to help customize my personal experience was worth the effort, I just felt the difference. You don’t need to use either of the two apps, but you’d be a fool not to spend the extra time configuring the headset. Finally the Nacon RIG 900 MAX HX retails for $249.99. The setting is very rewarding for the experience; Make sure you get your money’s worth.

I really liked the charging dock myself. It’s simple and attaches to the headset with a magnet. Who knows how magnets work, magic I suppose. But the base is stable, and lights up to show your charging progress. It’s nothing crazy, but it feels solid, like you could use it as a weapon if you had to. It takes up some space, so depending on your setup, placing it on your computer desk may not be the best place. I am sitting on the bookshelf behind my desk. The headset has verbal prompts when you plug it in, letting you know it’s connecting when you pick it up from the charger. I found that to be cool, I’ve never had a headset like this before.

I’ve read about wireless/bluetooth dual connection headsets before but never experienced them. I love the idea of ​​being able to play a game, listen to it, and listen to music—or, in my case, a podcast—while I play. I’m a big farm sim guy, and this genre just begs to have something like a podcast while I work on my games. Normally, I sacrifice listening to a game to listen to a podcast, but not anymore. I can do both, and it works well. No struggle to find balance.

The Nacon RIG 900 MAX HX is built with a focus on Xbox, but works with everything. My phone, playstation, switch, pc, doesn’t matter. Configuring the headset to work with anything is just as easy as it was on the Xbox. I even found myself using it while recording a podcast and loved how everyone sounded during the recording. I didn’t use a mic to record, but I don’t think the results will be terrible. I’m one of those people who likes to listen to podcasts, but I occasionally make them too. I decided to see how I sounded when I recorded myself. The quality of my voice recording was not as good as the microphone made to record the podcast. Once I edited the sound and applied a few filters to my audio track, I can say that the quality was pretty good. I wouldn’t use the RIG 900 MAX HX every time I record a podcast, but in a pinch, it will do more than fine. I am sure that someone who is not interested in the hobby of voice recording will not even notice the difference between a mic on a headset and a conventional microphone.

All these great things come at a price, albeit a financial price. The Nacon RIG 900 MAX HX retails for $249.99. This is no small amount. This is not an impulse buy. It’s a very considered purchase, and while the price may be a bit prohibitive, I’m still comfortable recommending the 900 Max HX. Even after a month of almost daily use the headset looks and feels brand new, with no visible wear or tear. For transparency, I was given the headset for review. A month ago I wasn’t sure if I would spend the money required for this headset. But after a month of continuous use, I can say without hesitation that the Nacon RIG 900 MAX HX is worth the price.

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