New details on Valve’s new game ‘Deadlock’

May 21, 2024 by No Comments

The first rumors and leaks about Valve’s new game Deadlock appeared online last week. They mainly originate from Twitter user Gabe is a follower, who posted some information and images of the new game. Apparently, the gabfollower was told not to share more details on the game because he shared images subject to an NDA and could receive a legal notice.

However, Insider Gaming provided more information on the game, including gameplay footage, which was shared with us on the condition that it not go public. We can confirm that the claims from GabeFollower are legitimate and that the game is named Deadlock and is currently in the alpha stage. Officially, the game is described as an “early development build with lots of experimental gameplay features and art assets”.

As already leaked, the game is a 6v6 third-person hero-based shooter. Heroes include magicians, robots, creatures, humans and more. There are currently 19 different heroes, each with different abilities and playstyles you’d expect from a MOBA, including ranged, healers, tanks, assassins, and more.

Players described the game to me as very similar to DOTA in terms of gameplay loop and mechanics. This includes killing enemies and gaining the in-game “Souls” currency, which allows you to purchase items to make your hero more powerful. According to sources, both creeps and enemies spawn a spirit upon death that floats up when they die. You collect more souls by shooting them (souls that float away still provide a small amount of soul currency). As for the creeps, they spawn randomly all over the map, including the big AI boss in the middle of the map. Some players have also explained that there are also “spirit urns” that players can deposit in the center of the map to give the entire team more souls (the spirit urn carrier is visible to all players on the minimap).

It’s unclear when the game will be released, but based on its current state, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it release sometime in 2025.

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