New Valve Game ‘Deadlock’ Details Leaked

May 16, 2024 by No Comments

New details have emerged about Valve’s new game in development, including one officially called Deadlock. During its development at Valve, the game was called Neon Prime and Citadel.

According to Follow Gabe on TwitterThere is a lot of new information about the game.

Deadlock 6 vs 6 is reportedly a third-person hero shooter. The game consists of a large map with four lanes to attack using tower defense mechanics as well as various items and abilities. Gabe Follower adds that Deadlock will have a “fantasy setting mixed with steampunk. Magicians, strange creatures and robots.

Finally, they say the game will feature fast travel using floating rails “similar to BioShock Infinite.”

As of publishing, this information has not yet been confirmed by Valve or independently verified by Insider Gaming. Because of that, take all information, including the name on the deadlock, with a grain of salt.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Valve for comment. If a response is received, this article will be updated accordingly.

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