Nexus Mods is raising the price of a premium subscription

May 2, 2024 by No Comments

Recently, Nexus Mods announced a price hike for its premium subscription service, which comes with an array of benefits. It is only the second price increase in eleven years and it is stressed that the change will increase prices in some areas by as much as 50%. However, Nexus has provided details about where the money goes, including $8 million donated to mod authors over the years.

Inflation, baby

Recently, Nexus mods have been in the news for a site-wide slowdown, which was influenced by the growing popularity of Fallout. However, the Nexus wrote in a recent news post Most of the cost of running a site is tied to the advanced infrastructure that keeps things alive:

Keeping the website and API online now requires infrastructure that includes 700 CPUs and 5TB of memory, which helps serve 4,000 incoming web requests per second at peak times. We serve over 1 billion requests per day across the entire domain.

As PC gaming has grown in popularity over the past few years, Nexus mods have blossomed. Hundreds of thousands of files are hosted on the site and games like Skyrim, Fallout, The Witcher, Stardew Valley and Cyberpunk top the charts when it comes to popularity scale.

From basic fixes to weird items, and from unofficial game-wide patches to amazingly enhanced textures, there’s a monumentally diverse array of mods that can be downloaded from the platform.

Here’s the new price range mentioned by Nexus Mods (effective June 17):


  • USD $8.99 plus tax
  • GBP £7.19 plus tax
  • EUR €8.39 plus tax


  • USD $89.99 plus tax
  • GBP £71.99 plus tax
  • EUR €83.99 plus tax

Are these price hikes bothering you that much? Are you reconsidering your subscription?

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