Operation Reveals New Blood for Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege

May 26, 2024 by No Comments

Ubisoft has officially put the lid on Operation New Blood, the next season of Rainbow Six Siege. It’s bringing sweeping changes to the game’s ecosystem, introducing two new (sort of) operators and kicking off the global launch of the Marketplace. With a 25-minute video, Ubisoft breaks down everything players will encounter at the core of Operation New Blood.

Prepare for changes

Arguably the biggest part of Operation New Blood is the introduction of Stryker and Sentry, two new operators modeled on the ‘recruit’ persona of Rainbow Six. These highly customizable letters are designed as ‘introductory managers’, introducing them as ‘Swiss-army knife’ letters. They don’t have special abilities but they have gadgets and weapons that they use to be versatile.

Ubisoft has also confirmed that the in-game marketplace is going live, but there are some prerequisites. Only players with 2FA are activated And An LL25 account can access the marketplace and start trading with other players.

Elsewhere, the onboarding and training aspects have been buffed. An ‘endless drill’ mechanic has been introduced, allowing players to warm up more effectively before their matches. Likewise, Ubisoft has made the game’s ecosystem more reliable and welcoming, by increasing anti-cheat and player protection systems, pairing with Steam and using VAC ban mechanics to ensure that malicious operators cannot create multiple accounts to perpetuate themselves. I am sad.

In terms of balancing, both Fenrir and Solis were hit pretty hard. They switched out their gadgetry and their abilities changed a little. For example, Fenrir’s F-NATTs now only have two charges, and Solis’ goggles are not used in preparation, and they have a 10-second duration rather than 20 seconds.

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