P. lies: all of Sofia’s possibilities (explanation)

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Sofia He is a non-playable character b lies of P. The player has two options regarding Sophia in Lies of P. he Can let her be killed or save her. Hence, Sophia’s fate is up to the player, and he has to decide it during the ending of P’s Lies.

A key takeaway

  • Sophia is a A non-playable character You will encounter Lies of P throughout your journey.
  • Towards the end of Lies of P in Chapter 11You will be presented with the choice to let Sofia rest or let her live.
  • If you choose to give to Sofia HelloYou’ll reach her Argo, and she’ll thank you before disappearing, leading to finish of lies of P.
  • If you choose to give it to her liveShe will still give it to you That is. However, this time there will be no scene, and she will still suffer.

Who is Sophia in P’s lies?

Sofia (Image credit: eXputer)

Sofia is an important, non-playable character character in Lies of P and plays a large role in guiding you through your adventures.

Furthermore, she is a prominent figure because of her angelic nature. Also, SHe is extremely strong and he is the one who helps Pinocchio get stronger. Sophia plays a very important role as a fantastic guide and consultant. You first meet her when you go to Karat Hotel for the first time.

Furthermore, you have to deal with Sophia’s choice Chapter 11where you must decide whether to let her live.

Sophia Choices In Lies of P

Sophia Kawes
Options for Sofia (photo taken by: eXputer)

When you see Sofia again in episode 11, she will be trapped inside Migdal Arsha Avi. She will be helpless, and now you will have to choose whether to give her peace or let her live, as shown in the picture above.

Give her peace

This is the option where you let go of her, and the cutscene will see her disappear right in front of you. Even then she deposits it Godrgo Go, I mean yours XP in Lies of P will increase. You reach for her Argo and grab it, then she disappears. She also thanks you before she disappears. It leads you down the path where you must decide whether to give your heart to Geppetto.

The choice can lead you to the “True Child: Everyone Lived Happily Ever After” ending.

let her live

If you choose to let her live, she will continue to give her to you Godrgo and help you; However, this time there will be no scene.

The choice leads you to a permanent end as she will still suffer.

my opinion

With all this in mind, I recommend the “give her peace” choice. Because it is not only morally right but also leads to a happy ending. Sofia is with the actor through thick and thin, and this is the least she deserves. However, the ending also depends on whether you give your heart to Geppetto or not.

With that, the P Sophia Choices lies The guide ends where you are informed of the two choices you can make about Sofia. Also, if you’re new to Lies of P, you should check out the best Dex build, best starting class, and best weapons. Apart from that, if you want to add anything to the information in the guide, you can do so through the comments section below.

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