Palworld’s latest update also includes the first ‘raid boss’

April 4, 2024 by No Comments

A few weeks ago PocketPair teased the upcoming arrival of Palworld’s first new ‘Pal’ and a fresh raid experience that will lead players to face off against the game’s first super-powerful boss character, Bellanoir. “Only the most skilled pal tamers have a chance against her,” the developer said, referring to the new pal revealed on March 15.

Now, Palworld has received a significant update, adding this new ride along with many other tweaks, changes and additions.

Get ready for the ride

with Latest update of Palworld (, players will be able to access the game’s first attack, confronting Bellanoir in a desperate battle that will almost certainly end in some desperate losses. In the attack, Bellanoir was mentioned as ‘incredibly powerful and difficult to defeat’.

A huge number of changes are being introduced to Palworld with this latest update. For example, there is a new ‘Training Manual’ mechanic that allows players to fill pals with experience points. Added more items like ‘ability glasses’, ‘recovery meds’ and some food items to increase interactions with pals.

Pocketpair also modifies how certain pals perform, from how they behave in combat to the ability they produce.

Outside of additions, Pocketpair has introduced dozens of fixes and quality-of-life improvements that are typical of an update of this size. This includes fixes to the game’s anti-cheat systems, a dedicated server setup, and a variety of bug fixes.

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