Pete Hines is retiring from Bethesda after 24 years

October 16, 2023 by No Comments

In a heartfelt message to his community, Bethesda Softworks legend Pete ‘Uncle Pete’ Hines has announced his retirement from the company after 24 years representing the brand. He noted that ‘the timing was right’ after the launch of Starfield, the biggest game in the company’s history.

Goodbye, Uncle Pat

It’s a busy time for high-profile retirements – it was just weeks ago that PlayStation’s CEO, Jim Ryan, announced he was retiring from the industry after more than thirty years in business.

Pete Hines has been a visible and outspoken force at Bethesda Software for years, and when he leaves the company, he’s vacating the position of ‘Global Head of Publishing’. Many games have made their way to his desk over the years, and he’s had the pleasure of delivering countless massive releases for the company and its affiliated studios over the past two-and-a-half decades.

Here’s Hines’ message:

Pete promises to be a part of the Bethesda community – he may be retired from work, but he’s definitely hanging around for the enjoyment of the top-tier titles the company produces.

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