Pharm developer Phoenix Labs to lay off more than 100 employees

May 16, 2024 by No Comments

Phoenix Labs, the studio behind Fey Farm and Dauntless, is laying off more than 100 employees. According to Nicole Carpenter of PolygonThe studio announced the layoffs “via a big Zoom call.”

Phoenix Labs said in a statement that these decisions are being made as part of the company’s reorganization. This included canceling “all other projects” outside of Fay Farm and Dauntless.

“After a long period of evaluating how to navigate our economic environment, we had to significantly restructure the company to pave the way for a stronger future,” they said. “We are reorganizing Phoenix Labs to focus on our best-in-class live service titles, Dauntless and Fey Farm, and serve their communities.

“Unfortunately this means canceling work on all other projects in the studio, which will immediately affect many of our colleagues. We are giving notices to everyone whose characters are affected. This restructuring did not come easy and was truly a last ditch effort to ensure that Phoenix Labs could survive and thrive in the long run.

The studio says it’s doing “everything we can” to help those forced out of the company. It “encourages any studios looking for amazing talent to talk to one-of-a-kind people who are part of the Phoenix Labs journey.”

Since the beginning of 2024, the gaming industry has left nearly 10,000 people in one way or another.

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