PlayStation 5 sales fell 29%, expect continued decline

May 14, 2024 by No Comments

Sony reported in its latest financial report that its PlayStation 5 sales fell 29% YOY, selling a total of 20.8 million units in FY23.

The figure is slightly lower than Sony’s previously revised estimate that the company would sell 21 million units. The company is also predicting a decline in console sales, marking the first time PlayStation 5 sales have fallen from the previous year. Sony expects to sell 18 million units in FY24.

Last year, Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 was entering the “later stages” of this generation. While the company’s sales projections aren’t surprising, they do raise a bigger question about the growth of the console m market. As of June 2022, the PlayStation 4 has sold 117 million units, while the PlayStation 5 has sold 52.6 million to date. Even with 18 million units sold over the next three years (when the PlayStation 6 is expected to be released), the numbers suggest the console market isn’t growing.

In April 2024, Microsoft reported a 31% decline in its hardware sales.

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