PocketPair CEO accuses Tencent of making Palworld clone

April 16, 2024 by No Comments

Paulworld was successful for many reasons when it entered early access in January 2024. It features a large, open-world environment, complex base-building mechanics, a high degree of freedom and a substantial roster of monsters – known as ‘pals’ – to capture, train, kill and enslave. It also smacked of Pokemon, and at one point, Nintendo vowed to investigate PocketPair, the developer of Palworld, as allegations of ‘property flipping’ and copied content spread.

Now, in a sweet twist of fate, PocketPair’s CEO, Takuro Mijob, has taken to social media to accuse Tencent, the biggest gaming company on earth, of making a ‘Palworld clone’.

So begins the trend

It’s ironic, making a clone of a clone, but here we are. On Twitter, Mijob commented On the audacious circumstances surrounding Tencent’s development of a Palworld clone:

Tencent is already making a Palworld clone game! In China, various companies are simultaneously developing Palworld mobile clones, and the budget scale is about 10 billion yen, 10 times that of Palworld… It looks like there will be a ton of genshin-quality monster (or girl) breeding games coming out next. year…

Mizobe didn’t provide a link or title to the Tencent game he was referring to, but he did provide a screenshot of the game, which is reminiscent of PocketPair’s groundbreaking indie hit. It’s not easy to gauge his sentiment – at first blush, he seems angry or disappointed that Paulworld clones are coming out, but he ends the message by insisting that these are ‘great times’.

If you want to check it out, here’s the title he refers to: Aurora.

It’s understandable that other developers will try to capitalize on Palworld’s success, but what we’ll get is a stack of rehashed mobile games with microtransactions.

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