PS5 Slim Vs. Comparing old models reveals a significant difference in size

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  • Recently, Sony launched a newer version of the PlayStation 5, calling it the PlayStation 5 Slim and “the new look of the PS5 console this holiday season.”
  • Aside from its smarter design that makes the unit look sleeker, the console comes with a 1TB SSD upgrade, along with the option of a removable disc drive for the PS5 digital edition.
  • Fans criticized the fact that the new PS5 Slim reveal video didn’t show any comparison to the previous model, but one Redditor took it into his own hands to show the significant difference in size between the two console versions.

Out with the old, in with the new. just 4 days ago, PlayStation has revealed a new model of the PS5 It’s going to replace the current version eventually. It’s a practice Sony has maintained since the days of the original PlayStation console, so the PS5 getting the same treatment is hardly a surprise at the moment. However, there is one thing that Sony could have done better in unveiling the PS5 Slim.

The announcement video for the upgraded model was criticized for not comparing the new and old version of the console side-by-side, thus giving a very bare presentation of the two new units just by titling the video with, “same immersion power. New slim size.” Coming to the rescue, one Redditor did exactly what Sony was asked to do — compared the two models side by side.

Comparison between PS5 thin 3D models and PS5 fat 3D models
Byu/NatureCertain BPlayStation

Thanks to Redditor u/NatureCertain, gamers can now get a clear idea of ​​how the new PS5 Slim model will compare to the OG in scale. The size difference is quite significant, as the following image indicates, but is it still something that will make you want to upgrade to the refreshed version of the console when it lands in November? Not many are enthusiastic about saying yes to that.

In any case, it’s worth noting that the comparison maker compared the PS5 Slim Digital Edition to the physical edition of the current generation. This makes the comparison a bit out of place, but it’s still pretty accurate to a certain extent, and certainly makes the “The new PS5 has been reduced in volume by more than 30%, and its weight by 18% and 24% compared to the previous models“An accurate statement.

The PlayStation 5 Slim and higher PlayStation 5 model side by side

For those who don’t know, The prices of the PlayStation 5 Slim have also been revealed. First, Sony implemented a new design feature in the digital version of the console, where the unit has the flexibility to connect to a removable disc drive that the manufacturer sells separately for $79.99. However, the company has raised the price of the digital edition to $449 compared to the OG Digital Edition’s pricing of $399.

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And that created an outcry from fans, who now have to pay about $50 more for the disc-less version of the PS5 Slim. Furthermore, there’s also the $29.99 vertical stand that the upgraded PlayStation 5 model couldn’t do without. The only consensus here is that if you’re thinking of buying the digital PS5 Slim, make sure you stick with that decision.

Later regret will lead you to grab the Ultra-HD Blu-ray disc drive that Sony launched, but until then you’ll be paying around $530 for both of these items. However, the physical version of the PS5 Slim still costs $499, the same as its older counterpart. You are welcome to do the calculation here yourself.

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