Redfall is a year old, but is it finally worth playing?

May 2, 2024 by No Comments

Redfall is released on May 2, 2023 – and what a day it is. Bursting with potential, the game was released to poor reception, garnering some of the lowest ratings in history, as far and wide players turned away in frustration at Arcane Austin’s many failures with this open-world, vampire-slaying title. It’s quickly becoming one of the biggest flops in gaming history, and today, it’s celebrating its first anniversary on the market.

Since the release of Redfall, Arcane has made a few tweaks here and there to try to liven it up a bit, but many consider it a wasted effort. There were some quality-of-life improvements made, but eventually, RedFall found no traction, and as suddenly as it came, it turned into nothing.

Is Redfall worth playing now?

Back in December, I wrote an article discussing how glad I was to give Redfall a second chance, and I still stand by it. I revisited the game six months after its release and was pleasantly surprised by the experience that awaited me. After Arcane Austin made some significant changes, and overall, the game felt smoother and more reliable than in May 2023.

I washed the game, completed everything on offer, earned every achievement, and indulged in a co-op offering. It never won any awards, but it kept me occupied for about fifty hours, and considering I picked it up via Game Pass, it was a risk-free experiment in the first place.

This is Not terribleLet’s say that.

There is a very nice open world to explore, which is divided into two different areas. They’re full of things to do, but those things are usually repetitive, predictable, and lack real depth. Combat is entertaining enough, especially after you’ve leveled up your chosen character and maxed out their abilities. On the surface, Redfall looks great – the visuals are very impressive and there’s a unique art style that’s very enjoyable.

It’s not a taxing game, nor is it particularly memorable, but there’s enough meat on the bones to keep players occupied for a few hours. Surprisingly, I have quite a few Problems when I finally got around to playing Redfall.

If you’re going to pay cash for a game, there might be better things to spend your dollars on, but if you’ve got Game Pass, give Redfall a try – it’ll only cost you some time.

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