Resident Evil 9 is coming soon, it’s claimed

May 28, 2024 by No Comments

If you’ve been sitting around hoping for an announcement on Resident Evil 9 soon, you might as well sit down for this one. According to a known insider Dusk Golem, the game is far from over.

in a thread on Twitter Over the weekend, Dusk Golem said that people should “shake off expectations that (Resident Evil 9) will be announced sometime this summer.” He said the announcement of the game is further away, with a full release until 2025 or 2026.

In fact, he claims the game will be revealed “soon” as it’s targeting a January 2025 release. It seems that won’t happen anymore and he apologizes.

“Sorry about the back and forth on that, it was my fault,” he said.

As for other games in the franchise, Dusk Golem says there is no truth to the rumors that a Resident Evil 1 or Resident Evil 5 remake is in development. He said the only remakes in development are Code Veronica and Zero.

“(Resident Evil 5) isn’t even active in dev right now,” he said. “It’s funny to watch.”

Although the announcement and release of the game is not coming soon, there are a few things he has claimed about the game, including that it will be set on an island in Southeast Asia.

As always, until such rumors are confirmed by the studio or independently confirmed by Insider Gaming, please take them with a grain of salt.

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