RP fans will love GTA Online’s next major update

June 6, 2024 by No Comments

GTA 6 may only be a year (or so) away, but that’s not stopping Rockstar Games from rolling out updates to GTA Online, the cash cow title that’s been front and center in the franchise for a decade. In a recent post, Rockstar revealed that the next major update for GTA Online – set to drop in the coming weeks – will bring a new bounty hunter-themed venture to the game, allowing players to form their own twisted law enforcement agency. and pursue nefarious criminals.

Still going strong

Many players are still locked into GTA Online and Grand Theft Auto 5, whether they’re playing the ‘vanilla’ offering or enjoying something more bespoke via one of the many GTA RP platforms around. One of the most popular methods in the world of GTA RP is to assume the role of a police officer and try to stop virtual crimes in the digital world, many players have succeeded in broadcasting these activities online.

Of course, many are mocked for taking it too seriously, but how do people spend their time in GTA Online?

Rockstar Games recently revealed GTA Online’s next major update will introduce a new quest based on that concept: being a cop in San Andreas. In a few weeks, players will be able to set up a bail enforcement agency, hunt down bounties and escape criminals from the courts. It’s the perfect time to RP as Dog the Bounty Hunter in GTA Online, and Rockstar is also introducing a variety of outfits to help you immerse yourself in that practice.

The next update will bring more changes to the GTA Creator Tool as well as several quality-of-life changes affecting mission times and rewards, snacks and armor ratings on certain vehicles.

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