Skate. Console playtests are coming this fall

June 8, 2024 by No Comments

Over the past few days, electronic arts social media has been carrying cryptic hints about a mysterious (and fictional) corporation called M-Corp, an upcoming open-world skateboarding game based in the heart of San Vansterdam, Skate. These teasers give the website a look that boasts a 1990s aesthetic, complete with old-school pop-ups and retro graphics.

Now, thanks to a trailer that debuted at the Summer Game Fest showcase, everything is explained.

Prepare to skate.

It’s been almost 15 years since the last skate game was released, with Skate 3 way back in 2010. This beloved skateboarding franchise has almost ceased to exist, save for a handful of dedicated members of the die-hard community who still profess their love. Sandbox is a skating game, but for the past few years, Electronic Arts has been creating a reboot of the series.

Enter Skate., an all-new open-world experience that retains the attitude and atmosphere that players have come to know and love about the Skate franchise all those years ago. At Summer Game Fest, the latest trailer was released to showcase where EA has come with the game’s development, unfolding in the background over a multi-year window.

After M-Corp ditched the tomfoolery, Electronic Arts opened up real The trailer for Skate., reveals everything we’ve come to expect from the franchise. Not only that but it’s also confirmed that playtests (on the console) will land in the fall.

Here’s the new trailer (still showing pre-alpha gameplay):


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