Skull and Bones Season introduces dragons and game modes

June 10, 2024 by No Comments

When it first started, the skull and bones felt shallow. But Ubisoft seems to be working tirelessly to fill its pirate adventure with a sea full of content. In the coming seasons, we’ll see brand new game modes, ship upgrades, a fleet management tool, a unique ship type, and a flying dragon world boss to tackle! It might be a good time to return to Skull and Bones!

As part of Ubisoft’s Forward, we got a glimpse at upcoming content in Skull and Bones. Especially, how the seasons progress. There’s a lot of content to tackle this summer, such as festival events, solo and PvE game modes, and most importantly, Season 3. Skull and Bones Season 3 Features The Dragon’s Claw—unique ships, stories, Asian-inspired factions and rewards—and the Flying Dragon sea monster!

But if that’s not enough for you. They also teased a 5v5 PvP game mode, which promises to be a key part of the entire season. In my experience with Skull and Bones, PvP felt poor and many players stuck to PvE, so hopefully, they’ll fix that problem!

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