Sledgehammer is testing the ‘Stay in Lobby’ button in MW3

April 5, 2024 by No Comments

In recent hours, Call of Duty fans have noticed a new ‘Stay in Lobby’ button after their multiplayer matches, allowing them to stay with their random squad when the lobby transitions into a new match. It was once a common feature in previous Call of Duty titles – and actually the default norm – to keep players together unless they backed out and re-queued.

A long time coming

when Posts started appearing online Revealing this new feature, the first thing players started doing was criticizing how long it took to implement. However, there are also players who have demanded that Sledgehammer Games forego such quality-of-life improvements to focus on the bigger picture, but that’s to be expected.

With the new ‘Stay in Lobby’ button, players will be able to stay with a randomly paired squad through Modern Warfare 3’s skill-based matchmaking algorithms. This is especially helpful when you’re playing search and destroy and find a group you gel with. Instead of backing out and adding them as friends to hang out with, you can tell each other to ‘stay in the lobby’ and continue to dominate.

Are we going to start making friends on Call of Duty again?

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