Slice of Life Game Fishbowl Releases Free Demo on PC and PS5

May 10, 2024 by No Comments

Earlier this year we learned about the first batch of games coming out of PlayStation’s India Hero project, one such project is the game of life. Fishbowl, a cozy coming-of-age story created by a team of just two people. A free demo has just been released for the game, allowing you to experience the first day of protagonist Alo’s story. The game takes place over the course of a month, with Alu starting a new job that sees her working from home after the death of her grandmother. As you can see, Fishbowl has heavy themes, with 21-year-old Alo working through several big life changes at once. The demo is now available on Steam and PlayStation 5.

Main Features:

  • Video call a diverse cast of characters with branching conversations.
  • Work from home with a fun matching video editing game.
  • Rediscover memories by solving unpacking puzzles.
  • Do your best or as little as you like with home and self-care.
  • Experience beautiful, hand-drawn pixel art and our relaxing Luffy soundtracks.
  • Make decisions, uncover the past, and figure out life one day at a time.

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