Sony has unveiled a slimmer PlayStation 5 model, which will launch this November.

October 10, 2023 by No Comments

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed the long-rumored news. PlayStation 5 The model refresh, with a slimmer form factor and an optional attached Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive. The new model is launching in November, but it’s not a “PS5 Slim,” as Sony took great care not to use that word entirely. PlayStation Blog Announcement However, this is definitely a slimmer PS5, with an overall volume of 30% less, and a weight between 18% and 24% less than the current SKUs of the console.

Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Perhaps the most welcome news is the increase in internal SSD storage from 825GB to 1TB. The new form factor certainly looks more elegant, accented by the break in the cover plates, which means there are now four such plates on the new model. The new PS5 also comes with a new vertical stand that has a metal ring that looks quite nice as opposed to the basic plastic stand we have.

In terms of price, the disc drive model will remain at $499.99, but the digital model is increasing by $50 to $449.99. The new vertical stand will be available a la carte for $29.99, as will the new covers, which retail for $54.99. It’s unclear if existing PS5 cover plates will fit the new model going forward, or if you’ll need to pony up for the new one.

Sony also noted that once inventory of the current PS5 model is sold out, the new slimmer versions will be the only ones available at retail going forward. A slimmer PS5 with a detachable disc drive was first reported. Indoor gaming Last year, and was expected to launch by the end of 2023, but now that it’s official, Sony could potentially turn its attention to the PS5 Pro model.

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