Sony is confirming an adapter to bring PSVR2 to PC

May 29, 2024 by No Comments

A new certification license has been discovered that makes the PSVR 2 headset compatible with PC sooner rather than later.

First discovered by a Twitter user @Sadly it’s BradleyNew Certification LicenseThis happened on March 27, 2024, indicating that Sony is thinking about changing its PSVR 2 strategy.

The new adapter means players who own or plan to buy a headset soon will have access to a huge library of games on PC. In early 2024, PlayStation announced plans to add PC support to the PSVR2 system in 2024.

The statement read, “Also, we are pleased to share that we are currently testing the ability of PS VR2 players to access additional games on PC to provide more game variety alongside PS VR2 titles available through PS5.”

In March 2023 and despite rumors that the headset was selling poorly, PlayStation announced that the headset sold nearly 600,000 units in its first six weeks. However, the headset has seen a lack of post-launch support with new games since its release, with recent rumors suggesting that the company has paused production of the headset due to poor sales.

The move to PC can only be expected to ease the lack of games on the company’s hardware, and if rumors of product pausing are true, we could see a relaunch, perhaps alongside the PS5 Pro, due out later this year.

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