Sony’s Days of Play event will fall in late May 2024, it’s claimed

May 22, 2024 by No Comments

According to claims in a new report By DeLabsSony is planning another Days of Play event on May 29, 2024, and will “run through June 12, 2024.”

Reliable leaker Bilbil-kun also mentioned details about potential offers for the new Days of Play. They are expected to bring back the PS Plus promotion across multiple tiers, perhaps repeating the same discount from last year.

Hardware sales will also include “PS5, PlayStation VR2 consoles as well as DualSense,” DeLabs said. The report predicts some prices, such as the DualSense controllers being available in Europe for 49.99 euros.

Last week, Sony released a financial report showing that PlayStation 5 sales fell 29% year over year. Furthermore, Sony also expects console sales to continue to decline.

DeLabs couldn’t confirm many of the games coming to Sony’s Days of Play event. However, the event is said to feature God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn for just 9.99 euros.

Fans are currently waiting for Sony to announce the PC version of God of War. Fortunately, DeLabs also made claims earlier this month, suggesting that something official is coming this month as well. It will make a good appearance at the rumored PlayStation Showcase, which is expected in May 2024.

At this time, Sony has not officially confirmed anything regarding the new Days of Play event or promotions.

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