Spider-Man 2: All Digital Deluxe Edition Suits

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The Spider-Man 2 Digital Deluxe Edition features 10 new suits, 5 each for Peter Parker and Miles Morales. These suits are exclusive to the deluxe edition and cannot be obtained if you have not purchased that particular edition. Even so, Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 is over 65 suits in the regular edition.

A key takeaway

  • The deluxe edition includes 10 new suits For Spider-Man in Spider-Man 2.
  • both Peter Parker and Miles Morales Got 5 new suit designs each.
  • Some of the deluxe edition suits were also designed by me Other PlayStation Studios.
  • There are many references and inspirations that can be seen in the design of these suits.
  • The deluxe digital version is only $10 More expensive than the regular edition, which is not much.
  • In my opinion, you should really get the deluxe editions, as all the suits here look really cool.

It is important: The special deluxe suits can only be accessed if you purchase the deluxe edition, which can only be bought digitally.

1. Tactical suit (Peter)

Tactical suit in Spider-Man 2

This deluxe suit was actually designed by the developers of Studio BandAs mentioned by Insomniac Games in this tweet. According to the developers, the suit is characterized by a lightweight design, which also looks different from its futuristic features. Other than that, the dark grays and bright whites really make the tactical suit look cool.

2. Urantia Suit (Peter)

Spider-Man 2 Deluxe Digital Suits
Urantia suit in Spider-Man 2

The Aurantia suit is actually designed by me Raf GrastyAs mentioned by Insomniac Games in this tweet. if you didn’t know, Raf previously worked with Santa Monica Also on God of War. As for the suit, it makes Peter look like he’s wearing iron armor, and the golden spider logo really stands out.

3. Suit from the 25th century (Peter)

A suit in the game
25th century suit in Spider-Man 2

Just like the name sounds, the 25th century suit makes Peter look like he’s traveled back in time and is now here to fight the biggest villains of Marvel’s New York. The suit gives him a more tanky look, and the active blue lights coming out of the eye lens and chest section really stand out.

4. Stone monkey suit (Peter)

Spider-Man 2 Deluxe Digital Suits
Stone monkey suit in Spider-Man 2

The stone monkey suit is probably the best Exotic looking Deluxe edition suit. It makes Peter look like some ancient Chinese hero, and it goes without saying, As Insomniac Games said the Chinese legends inspired the design in this tweet. The combination of colors and the most distinct design of the collar area will further enhance the aesthetics of this suit.

5. Apocalyptic suit (Peter)

A suit in the game
Apocalyptic suit in Spider-Man 2

This is the latest design of the deluxe edition of Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2. The suit really gives Peter that funky look and is actually creative in the design of Spider-punk. Additionally, Peter also gets to wear a cool jacket over the spider suit, which further enhances the apocalyptic suit design.

6. Agimat suit (mail)

A suit in the game
Agimat Suit in Spider-Man 2

If you’ve ever wanted Miles to look like wandering, So there is no better suit to achieve this than the Agimat suit. It is a perfect combination of purple and gold colors. The gold trim combined with the base purple color really makes the Mile look like the Prowler’s sidekick, in my opinion.

7. Red Specter Suit (Mile)

Spider-Man 2 Deluxe Digital Suits
Red Specter suit in Spider-Man 2

The Red Specter Suit is apparently Insomniac’s redesign of Scarlet Spider A mourning suit for Miles Morales in Spider-Man 2. This suit really shows the pride of a New York boy who also happens to be Spider-Man. I love how Miles’ cool new hairstyle is shown through this suit and not hidden.

8. Coded suit (emails)

Spider-Man 2 Deluxe Digital Suits
A coded suit in Spider-Man 2

Since then there are deluxe suits that make Peter look futuristic, Miles Morales also deserves some. And Insomniac provided the coded suit, which almost looks like Peter’s suit in his final fight in Spider-Man 2018. But the suit seems more stable, as it almost looks like Miles is wearing some kind of armor.

9. Biomechanical suit (mail)

Spider-Man 2 Deluxe Digital Suits
Biomechanical suit in Spider-Man 2

Another futuristic design for Miles, but this time, he went with the color red, which looks much better than the coded suit. It almost looks like Iron Man built the suit and probably contains some gadgets that come built in with the suit. In addition, it also gives off that strong and tanky look.

10. Tokusatsu suit (mail)

Spider-Man 2 Deluxe Digital Suits
Tokusatsu suit in Spider-Man 2

Finally, the final deluxe edition suit is the Tokusatsu for Miles suit, which without a doubt looks like the coolest deluxe suit in my opinion. The clear reference from power Rangers She is so direct and loyal that this suit clearly stole the limelight from all the others. I would get the deluxe edition of the tokusatsu suit alone; It’s so good.

My thoughts on these deluxe suits

I really think the $10 you pay extra for the deluxe edition is really worth it because all 10 extra suits you get are Well designed. However, it’s a shame that the deluxe edition doesn’t ship on disc at the moment, and you can only purchase it digitally. Don’t worry if you buy the physical edition as deluxe suits can be bought as DLC.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is coming out soon, and you can actually pre-load it on your PS5 if you pre-ordered the game. The cast of characters is huge. All the new features in Spider-Man 2 not only make it a faithful sequel but also an improved one.

This concludes my guide on the digital deluxe suits in Spider-Man 2. I have included all the suits in the deluxe edition of Peter Parker and Miles Morales. All the new designs and their inspirations were also explained. Let me know if you’ll be purchasing the Spider-Man 2 Digital Deluxe Edition in the comments below!

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