Spider-Man 2: The best ways to get rare pieces of technology

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Rare pieces of technology Craft items that are used to obtain additional equipment items Peter and Miles B Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Obtaining them is not as easy as obtaining the normal tech parts, hence the term “rare” is implied in the type of item. I’ve found that there are five best methods to obtain rare tech pieces, each offering a varying degree of difficulty while offering a greater amount of rare tech pieces as a reward.

A key takeaway

  • Rare pieces of technology are resources for Upgrade your Suit Techs and Gadgets of the two characters in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.
  • This resource also unlocks new suits for Miles Morales and Peter Parker.
  • Without acquiring the rare tech pieces, combat will feel overwhelming and you won’t be able to upgrade your characters or unlock most of the new suits.

All the best ways to get rare tech parts in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Here is a An overview of all Rare Tech Parts rewards ranked from easy to hard, presented along with rewards for each method in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Serial Rare technological methods Technological rewards
1 Prowler Stash Missions 3 rare pieces of technology
2 EMF experimental tasks 3 rare pieces of technology
3 A blind task hunter 5 rare pieces of technology
4 Unidentified targets 4 rare technological parts
5 Yellow hunting boxes 2 – 4 rare pieces of technology

What are rare pieces of technology?

How to get rare tech parts in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Rare Tech Parts is an in-game upgrade and unlock resource in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 that unlocks different suits for Peter and Miles, new gadgets and also upgrades Suit Tech.

This is a higher level version of the Regular Tech Part, which is mostly obtained by completing spontaneous activities such as catching cypresses running in high speed car chases, stopping various reported crimes and much more.

Rare technology parts are used Unlocking and upgrading equipment for Miles and Peter. Some gadgets will require rare pieces of technology to be unlocked first, while others will need some other form of resources. At the same time, Rare Tech Parts will also be used to further upgrade the equipment layer from level 1 onwards, which will make them feel more powerful and useful in the field.

Opening suits is an innovation in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. These are mostly cosmetic unlocks now compared to Marvel’s first Spider-Man, where almost every suit was tied to a unique power. More,

The best ways to get rare tech parts in Spider-Man 2

There are five ways to obtain the rare tech parts but not all offer an equal amount. Easier quests give fewer tech pieces, while the more challenging quests usually offer more rare tech pieces.

1. Prowler checkpoint missions

Prowler Stash Quests (Image taken by)

Prowler Stash missions are by far the best method to obtain the rare pieces of technology in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

These missions only require you to complete a simple chain of puzzles. You unlock this type of mission very early on in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2; The activities will then be highlighted on the map. You can track each one manually and complete them to acquire the rare pieces of technology.

Completing each Prowler Stash mission reward:

2. EMF experiment

EMF Experiment Tasks (Image taken by)

EMF Experiment is another mission type that offers not only regular tech pieces but rare tech pieces as well. You actually get Two types of upgrade resources in one shot.

These missions are actually even shorter than the Prowler Stash missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, that is, if you skip the puzzles. However, I advise you not to skip the science puzzles offered by the EMF Experiment mission and complete them to get the feeling of winning prizes.

Completing the EMF Experiment missions grants the following rewards:

  • 3 rare pieces of technology
  • 140 technical parts
  • 700 XP

3. Blind hunter missions

Blind Hunter Quests (photo taken by me)

Hunter Blind and Bases missions offer the highest amount of rare tech pieces.

These are first introduced very early in the game, and can then be seen scattered across the map of Spider-Man 2. Taking out enemies either silently or through combat is the goal of completing Blind Hunter missions. Since these tasks take much longer than the methods I mentioned above, the rewards are also quite high.

Completing the hunter missions in Lind and the bases will reward the following:

  • 5 rare pieces of technology
  • 150 technical parts
  • 1000 XP

4. Unidentified targets

Unidentified Objectives is another mission activity that rewards the player with rare pieces of technology. This task type opens during Main Story Mission “Stay Positive”.Which is technically during the middle game.

Missions usually involve chasing a Talon Drone through a slip current and avoiding obstacles. There are 9 unidentified targets in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2And completing each of them offers the following rewards:

5. Yellow tech hunter boxes

Blue Tech crate in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (photo taken by me)

The best and fastest way to get the rare pieces of technology in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is to collect them by finding and opening the yellow Hunter Tech crates. They are very similar to the blue Tech boxes you see in the picture above, except they are Glowing in a yellow hue.

While this is definitely the fastest way to get rare tech parts, the only problem is finding these boxes as they don’t appear on the map when you Press the R3 button. However, this can be alleviated by unlocking the “All sees” Traversal suit technology upgrade In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Once this is done, you can spot the hunter’s yellow tech crates and regular tech crates on the minimap.

My thoughts on rare tech boxes

After playing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for over 8 hours now, I definitely find the Prowler Stash missions the best way to get rare tech pieces. This is especially true if you are very early in the game.

However, once you’re more advanced in Spider-Man 2, completing the Blind Hunter missions and the bases will give you the highest XP and Tech Parts that no other missions offer.

That’s all I had to discuss about all the best ways to get the rare tech parts in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Before you go, read our Spider-Man 2 guides: all the digital edition suits, all the familiar characters and all the new features.

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