Spine is getting film & TV adaptations from Story Kitchen

April 16, 2024 by No Comments

Exclusive new report From Variety Upcoming cyberpunk game Spine Story has revealed that Kitchen will be attached and adapted for both film and TV.

Nekki developed and published Spine and announced the game a few weeks ago with a brief gameplay trailer. It featured early footage of stylish, Gun Foo-inspired action and movement in a cyberpunk world. The backbone is narrative and cinematic built into UE5.

Gamers may also be familiar with Story Kitchen. Just last week, the production company announced that indie darling Dredge will also be turned into a live-action movie.

Today, Variety confirmed that “Nekki has teamed up with Story Kitchen to develop potential adaptations of the game.” Like Dredge, the original developers of Spine seem to be directly involved with adaptations. So, it should help retain the essence of the game.

However, Dredge has already been successful and eventually earned multiple nominations at The Game Awards 2023. It’s proven to be a banking IP, but Spine hasn’t launched yet. In fact, Spine doesn’t even have a release date or window at this point.

This indicates that Story Kitchen has immense faith in Spine’s lore and the game’s ability to succeed.

There must be a lot of mythology to explore if it warrants both film and TV adaptations. Spine is available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Story Kitchen released a joint statement to show their excitement.

“When we first learned about this upcoming game from Nekki, we lost our collective minds because Redline couldn’t be more sinister!”

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