Square Enix wants to release the last Final Fantasy 7 remake in less than 3 years

April 12, 2024 by No Comments

Square Enix expects the final part of the Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy to be released in three years. News of the Final Fantasy 7 remake comes via interviews translated from the book Ultimania.

Translated by Audrey on Twitter, Tetsuya Nomura said that the storyline for the third game in the remake was completed. He also expects voice acting for the game to begin “in the near future.”

In the book, producer Yoshinori Kitase also touched on the company’s desire to release the next game in the trilogy within three years.

“Kitase stated that FF7 Rebirth was actually done in 3 years as the DLC was a year in development, and he hopes to be able to keep that schedule for Part 3 as well” Audrey said.

Sticking with the third game’s development, Nomura added that Kitase came up with the idea to include something new in the next game that wasn’t part of the original Final Fantasy 7 release, specifically. According to the book, Nomura is working on a way to “deliver” this element that “makes people happy if they do it well”.

Finally, the development team behind the third game is the same as those who worked on the first two games on the remake.

“The reason FF7 Rebirth was such an efficient development period was because they had the same crew,” says Audrey.

If they make it to the three-year mark, a third game could be released on the next PlayStation console in 2027. It celebrates the 30th anniversary of the release of the original Final Fantasy 7.

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