Star Wars Outlaws has received a new gameplay trailer

June 10, 2024 by No Comments

At the Ubisoft Forward event today, Massive Entertainment premiered a new gameplay deep dive trailer for their upcoming open-world RPG, Star Wars Outlaws. The latest trailer gave us a glimpse of the upgrade systems players can expect in the game, like the pros, which help them learn new skills. The trailer takes us to an entirely new area, where traders and other NPCs change behavior to match Kay Wes’ reputation with an operating crime syndicate.

We also get to see some spaceship travel and combat with Wes using projectiles and missiles to take down enemies, which has earned her a reputation with a certain crime syndicate.

Then, the developers showcased a stealth segment in Hutt territory, where capabilities such as stealth takedowns, area scanning using nicks, and blaster combat were showcased. Various enemy types have also been revealed, including chargers, range fighters and tanks. Finally, we’re told that learning new blaster skills, upgrading your speeder, and becoming a master thief requires seeking out a variety of experts who will always lead you on an exciting adventure.

Star Wars Outlaws features a reputation system where Kay Wes interacts with various crime syndicates in the underworld. Every choice you make affects your reputation and the Syndicates’ behavior towards you in the game. Other RPG elements such as customizations, upgrades, dialogue options and more are also expected.

In terms of gameplay, the developers have already told the guys that we’re going to be exploring a massive open world where players will need the likes of spaceships and speeders to get around. For combat, we know Wes will have his trusty blaster at all times to take down all enemies. Other than that we expect stealth, hand-to-hand, speeder and spaceship combat in Star Wars Outlaws.

Also, the previous trailer was a gameplay trailer released at last year’s Ubisoft Forward event where we got to see some stealth mechanics and gunplay as well as some spaceship and speeder traversal. Interested readers can learn more about the cast members of the game here. Star Wars Outlaws will be released on August 30, 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC.

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